Why should I buy your product or service? A consumer’s perceived answer to that question is your value proposition. It conveys your product’s unique value and ideally presents it as more desirable than any competitor’s product or service. The ultimate goal, of course, is increased sales conversions.

Establishing value to Canadian customers may be based on need as much as worth. Canadian consumers may have limited access to something you can provide for them online, and it’s important to keep that angle in mind when developing your marketing campaigns. To determine if this (or any other marketing angle) will be successful, you have to do some testing.

In their annual Lead Generation Benchmark Study, the folks at Marketing Sherpa asked experts which value propositioning platforms they found to be most effective. Landing pages lead the way for their flexibility and the testing options they provide. E-mail is still considered to be a useful tool in value proposition testing and it can be more precise, but the information it provides is limited by the medium and single use.  The surprise is PPC advertising, which limped in at fourth.

Proven value proposition testing approaches from the marketing trenches

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3 Responses to "Experts Rank Landing Pages Highest for Value Proposition Testing ©"

  1. FMA  September 21, 2012

    We’ve been focusing on landing pages since the early days of Google Adwords. It makes a huge difference in ROI & allows for more thorough testing.

  2. Ginger  September 16, 2012

    This is a really helpful guide for marketing plans!

  3. Curtis  September 13, 2012

    How inspiring, I’m going to go work on my landing pages right now.


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