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This feature is sponsored by CanSpace.

Canadian businesses have unique website hosting requirements and concerns that can’t always be addressed by service providers outside of our country. Choosing a truly Canadian company to host your website will address many of your concerns by default.

CanSpace Solutions and its round-the-clock support staff are based in Canada. All of their clients are hosted on Canadian servers. In fact, their entire business revolves around serving Canadian companies, from security to customer service.

CanSpace has you Covered

There are some hosting questions that we’re asked over and over again:

  • Are there any advantages to choosing a Canadian website host?
  • Why should my website be hosted in data centres located in Canada?
  • Are there any website hosts that charge in Canadian dollars?

CanSpace Solutions addresses all of these concerns and more.

Canadian Data Centres

To ensure your data is protected by Canadian law against intrusive provisions from the USA Freedom Act, sweeping server seizures under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other foreign laws or policies, your website must be hosted on Canadian soil.

“All of our servers are located within Canadian borders, and all data is always stored within Canada, and subject only to Canadian laws,” declares the CanSpace Solutions website. “New accounts are deployed to our newest servers in Beauharnois, Quebec, which are hosted in a 100% green data centre.”

Increase Traffic, Leads and Sales

Studies indicate Canadian consumers prefer to buy from Canadian businesses and they want to keep their personal information in Canada too. A 2017 CIRA study found that 76 per cent of Canadians are more concerned about their personal data if it’s stored in the United States.

CanSpace offers three ways to reassure your Canadian visitors:

  1. Their data centres are located in Canada
  2. They provide a dedicated Canadian IP address
  3. They’re CIRA certified to provide a .ca domain.

Additionally, if your target market is primarily Canadian, you may find a .ca domain name and hosting in Canada will improve search engine rank. Search engines also show a preference for fast loading speeds, which CanSpace’s local servers will help with.

Competitive Prices in Canadian Currency

CanSpace offers domain registration and a full range of hosting packages at some of the best prices in the country. They’re one of the few hosting companies that invoice their customers in Canadian currency. It greatly simplifies accounting, and allows for more precise budget forecasts without worrying about currency conversions.


Canspace Green Website Hosting

Data centres can consume an alarming amount of energy for operation and cooling. All CanSpace servers are powered entirely by 100% Canadian-generated green energy. Their data centres use environmentally-friendly cooling technologies to eliminate the need for traditional air conditioning.

Your decision to use green website hosting will, in turn, reduce your own carbon footprint. Furthermore, your eco-aware visitors will view you in a more favourable light if you inform them of your decision to use environmentally-friendly hosting. Surveys indicate the overwhelming majority of consumers prefer to buy from environmentally-friendly businesses, even to a point of paying more for their products. A Tork Green Business study found 86 per cent of Canadians have purchased a “green” product or service, and 43 per cent are willing to pay more for it.

But wait, there’s more!

While their claim to fame may be their focus on Canadian service, CanSpace also excels by comparison to global hosting providers.

  • You’ll receive one free domain name when you sign up for hosting. Domain registration is available for many domain extensions, from .com to .biz. Registration includes free domain forwarding, sub-domains and other features.
  • If you need to move your website from another host, the migration will be done free of charge.
  • Free website builder, MySQL databases, and script installer.
  • Shared and reseller hosting, along with VPS and dedicated servers. These options allow your business to grow and change without having to find a new website host.
  • Loading speed is fast and the limits of your package are clearly laid out so you know when it’s time to upgrade. Having servers located close to your visitors further improves the loading speed of your website. Behind the scenes, CanSpace boasts a high-speed network supported by multiple backbone bandwidth carriers and a multi-level, redundant infrastructure. You’ll also be able to easily access the power of Cloudflare’s global CDN, which reduces latency and ‘time to first byte’ by delivering content closer to your website visitors.
  • Security is a top priority for website owners and their visitors. CanSpace offers government-level data protection to all of its customers. You’ll also be protected against all types of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks by their high-availability infrastructure. Additionally, Cloudflare includes integrated security services to defend against DDoS attacks, customer data breaches, and abusive bots. SSL certificates are available to ensure secure transactions. Additional security features are available with their corporate package.
  • Data centres are staffed by experts 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
  • Additional services include app development, website and logo/image design, eCommerce assistance, search engine optimization and virtually anything else you need to start and maintain your online presence.

CanSpace SolutionsOverall, CanSpace Solutions fulfills the hosting wants and needs of Canadian businesses of all sizes. They’re the website hosting choice of companies you’re sure to recognize, including Epson, Remax, Algonquin College, University of Ontario, Ottawa Citizen, Dairy Farmers of Canada, and the City of Hamilton. You’ll be further reassured by their 30-day money-back guarantee.


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J Williams

I started with Canspace a few years ago because I wanted a Canadian hosting co. I since moved on and sold the business but while I was with them I didn’t have any problems. If I start another one I’d use their hosting again.