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Algopix is a new company that is revolutionizing the way people and businesses conduct market research for online sales. The company was founded in 2015 by Ori Greenberg and Dani Avitz, who for years had been running an eCommerce agency helping companies big and small perform market research and run their eCommerce stores. Through their time in the agency, they discovered conducting market research was a daily challenge with no automated solution in the market. They decided to take on this manual process and automate it with sophisticated algorithms, creating Algopix.

About the Founders

Algopix FoundersOri and Dani spent five years studying the merchant ecosystem, including logistics, payments, inventory management, suppliers and marketing. This gave them a full understanding of the online seller role, allowing them to see the importance sourcing plays in the big picture.

Ori’s background is in Engineering. After spending some time analyzing information systems, he realized it wasn’t what he always wanted. In 2007, at the start of the online shopping craze, he found himself buying lots online and saw an opportunity to better understand the sellers side of the marketplace. This is when he started his career at an eCommerce agency and after two years started his own business.

Dani studied law and while serving in the army (Academic Reserves), he sold his father’s painting reproductions. It was then that he realized the world is REALLY flat, and he can sit in Israel but sell stuff to a Brazilian housewife.

Who is Algopix For?

This innovative tool was developed from the merchant perspective, not just a niche. Their current target market are sellers on eBay or Amazon. However, they plan to develop the tool into a functional solution for all online merchants.

Many merchants make their decisions based on:

  • Gut feeling leading to mistakes
  • Assumptions resulting in dead stock
  • Selling in the channels they’re familiar with, as opposed to seeking access the full global marketplace.

The Algopix tool allows sellers to base their decisions on real data and competitive intelligence. The bigger the merchant, the more value Algopix can add.

What Motivates the Algopix Team to Come to Work Everyday?

“Making changes in one of the fastest growing industries by solving a true need in the market. Currently, many sales in the industry present low margins to the seller. With Algopix, sellers can double the margin, reduce inventory risks and make a difference to their bottom line. Empowering sellers big and small to rapidly increase their business.”

Mission Statement: Empower merchants to make more educated decisions based on data.

Motto: “It’s always impossible till its done.” ~ Nelson Mandela

Featured Company: AlgopixContact Algopix

Website: www.Algopix.com
Location: Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv
Contact: support@algopix.com

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Catarina Blake

I’m all for anything that can give me an edge especially in marketplaces. I’ll be watching this company!