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Dropshipping is a method of order fulfillment used by online sellers, without keeping physical inventory. Orders are placed in your store and sent to the supplier, who ships it directly to the customer while making it appear to have come directly from your store.

Dropshipped fulfillment has grown in popularity as businesses navigate eCommerce and other online sales scenarios. In recent years, the pain points have been addressed so sellers can expect a more reliable, smooth transaction.

Dropified is a SaaS solution that streamlines and shortens the product selection and order process, through powerful automation and features. It all works seamlessly with your eCommerce platform, including Shopify, WooCommerce, CommerceHQ or GearBubble Pro, even if you have multiple stores on multiple platforms.

Dropified Dropshipping Software

Dropified Features

  • Select and import the products you want to sell online, from any of the 100 stores and 30 supply chains available within the software through eBay or AliExpress. You can integrate your existing products through the Dropified app as well.
  • Customization is made possible through the editor, which allows you to edit the description or images (or upload your own images). You can use bulk editing to change the price, tags, product category, weight, and description.
  • When your customer places an order, Dropified automation kicks in to make fulfillment relatively hands-free. The order is automatically placed with your supplier, who will ship it out and provide tracking information to the buyer.
  • Behind the scenes, Dropified applies your mark-ups and tracks your orders. You’ll also receive alerts about products and price changes, and can automatically update your prices. Stock or other issues are easily addressed by switching suppliers if necessary.
  • Product bundles can be sourced from different suppliers.
  • Easily select AliExpress products available in the US to ensure fast shipping.
  • Import product reviews directly from the vendor.
  • Search by name or item to quickly respond to customers.
  • Even the planning process is easier using Dropified. You can research new products and save them for later consideration using Product Wish Boards.
  • Search AliExpress to see if the product has a video available.
  • Use the free, AliExtractor Chrome extension ($29 value) to do product research anywhere, any time. Find products, see product reviews, save searches, compare prices and more.
  • Create dynamic feeds for Facebook Advertising and Google Merchant Center.
  • Video training is provided to help new and experienced members grow quickly and reach their monthly revenue goals.
  • 14-day free trial and a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Dropified software saves an immense amount of time that is better spent on growing your business. Using it to improve customer service will create loyal, repeat customers who share their positive experience with everyone they know. Overall, it has great potential to improve your bottom line, even with the razor-sharp margins often seen in retail.

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Dropified Dropshipping Software
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Shelley Sandhu

Drop shipping is catching on! I’m seeing it everywhere these days. It’s just another means to an end & perfect for Canada. Wonder how many Canadian businesses do it?

Derek & Aleena

I just knew there had to be an app for that! I haven’t started DS yet but I’m almost ready to go. At first I worried about not being able to fill orders because the wholesaler would be sold out but found out you can use apps to make sure that doesn’t happen. I’m using Shopify and I knew they were good for DS and they have the most apps to choose from. I’ll look for Dropified!