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A Canadian holidays and observances calendar is a useful tool for marketing or for inspiring blog post, newsletter content and social media ideas. Traditional holidays have been joined by many observances in Canada and internationally, all of which now enjoy more exposure via the Internet. Combined with famous Canadian birthdays and historical events, there is no shortage of inspiration. As a bonus, you may come up in searches for the holiday or observance in question.

Canadians Internet Business publishes a calendar of holidays and observances for Canadians each month (in the last days of the month before). This calendar includes Canadian and international holidays and observances, from the official, to the charitable, and on to the strange and unusual. Many of the observances have spilled into Canada from other countries to become virtually universal in their celebration.

Numerous holidays and observances are marketable to virtually all Canadians, while others will be more useful to certain sectors and topical websites. We’ve included food day observances for those in the grocery, baking and farming industries, for example.

February Marketable Holidays & Observances (Canadian & Global)

February is…

Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month (SPCA)
Avocado Month
Banana Month
Bake for Family Fun Month
Beans Month
Bird Feeding Month
Black History Month
Cat Health Month
Cherry Month
Children’s Dental Health Month
Dog Training Education Month
Exotic Vegetables Month
Grapefruit Month
Haiku Writing Month
Heart & Stroke Month
Humane Society Prevent A Litter Month
I Love to Read Month (Manitoba)
International Boost Self-Esteem Month
International Expect Success Month
International Hoof-care Month
International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month
Laugh-Friendly Month
Library Lovers Month
Love The Bus Month
Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month
Marijuana Awareness Month
National Junior Achievement Month
National Psychology Month
National Therapeutic Recreation Month (Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association)
North American Inclusion Month
Pet Dental Health Month
Plant the Seeds of Greatness Month
Relationship Wellness Month
Responsible Pet Owner’s Month
Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month
Spay/Neuter Awareness Month
Wise Health Care Consumer Month
Women Inventors Month
Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month
Weddings Month
Youth Leadership Month

February 2014 “Weeks”

Women’s Heart Week 1st-7th
National White Cane Week (Canadian Council for the Blind) 1st-7th
National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2nd-8th (Nedic.ca)
Children’s Authors & Illustrators Week 2nd-8th
International Development Week 2nd-8th – An opportunity to explore how Canada and Canadians are making a difference around the world (Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada)
Dump Your Significant Jerk Week 2nd-9th
International Coaching Week 2nd-8th
Publicity for Profit Week 2nd-8th
International Networking Week 3rd-7th
International Friendship Week 3rd-7th
National Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week (Children’s Heart Society)  7th-14th
Have A Heart for Chained Dogs Week 7th-14th
Risk Awareness Week 7th-14th
Celebration of Love Week 9th-15th
Children of Alcoholics Week 9th-15th
Jell-O Week 9th-15th
Freelance Writers Appreciation Week 9th-15th
Random Acts of Kindness Week 9th-15th
International Flirting Week 10th-16th
Backyard Bird Count 14th-17th
Brotherhood / Sisterhood Week 16-22nd
Build A Better Trade Show Image Week 16-22nd
Justice for Animals Week 16-22nd
Freedom to Read Week 23rd-1st (FreedomToRead.ca)
Bird Health Awareness Week 23rd-1st
National Secondhand Wardrobe Week 23rd-1st
Peace Corps Week 23rd-1st

February 2014 “Days”

Safer Internet Day
Change Your Password Day
Decorating With Candy Day
G.I. Joe Day
International Face & Body Art Day
Freedom Day – Slavery abolished.
Robinson Crusoe Day
Serpent Day
Take Your Child To The Library Day
Working Naked Day

Groundhog Day
World Wetlands Day
Candlemas / La Chandeleur / Crepe Day – A Catholic day to commemorate the purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of baby Jesus, according to About.com.
Dump Your Significant Jerk Day
Hedgehog Day
Marmot Day
National Girls & Women in Sports Day
Sled Dog Day
Super Bowl
Popcorn Day

Carrot Cake Day

World Cancer Day
Facebook’s Birthday
Liberace Day
Homemade Soup Day

Weatherperson’s Day
World Nutella Day
Digital Learning Day

Canadian Maple Syrup Day
International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation

Ballet Day
Bubble Gum Day
Cordova Ice Worm Day
e” Day – In mathematics, the first 2 digits in the number “e” are 2 and 7.
Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor’s Day – Give your neighbours a cheery wave!
Wear Red Day – Heart & stroke awareness for women.

Laugh and Get Rich Day
Kite Flying Day
Opera Day

Autism Sunday
Man Day
Read in the Bathtub Day
Toothache Day
World Marriage Day

Family Day (British Columbia)
Clean Out Your Computer Day
Umbrella Day

World Day of The Sick
Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day
Get Out Your Guitar Day
Make A Friend’s Day
Pro Sports Wives Day
Satisfied Staying Single Day
White Shirt Day
Extraterrestrial Culture/Visitor Day

Darwin Day 12
Paul Bunyan Day
Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day

World Radio Day
Employee Legal Awareness Day
Madly In Love With Me Day

Valentine’s Day
World Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day
World Marriage Day
Ferris Wheel Day
Pet Theft Awareness Day
Library Lovers Day
National Have A Heart Day – Canadians working together to ensure First Nations children have proper services, led by the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada.
Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day
Quirky Alone Day

International Childhood Cancer Day
National Flag of Canada Day
Angelman Syndrome Day
Hippo Day
National Gum Drop Day
World Whale Day
Susan B. Anthony Day – Pioneer of women’s rights.

Innovation Day
National Almond Day

Family Day (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario)
Islander Day (Prince Edward Island)
Louis Riel Day (Manitoba)
My Way Day
World Human Spirit Day
Random Acts of Kindness Day

Battery Day – Volta’s birthday
Pluto Day – Celebrating the day the planet was discovered.

Chocolate Mint Day
International Tug-of-War Day
Single Tasking Day

World Day of Social Justice
Introduce A Girl to Engineering Day
Love Your Pet Day
Walk the Dog Day
Buffy Sainte-Marie’s Birthday

Heritage Day (Yukon)
International Mother Language Day

World Thinking Day
International Sword Swallower’s Day
International Tongue Twister Day
Margarita Day
Grace Annie Lockhart’s Birthday – The first woman to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in the British empire, born in St. John, New Brunswick.

Curling is Cool Day
Diesel Engine Day
Dog Biscuit Day
Melba Toast Day

World Bartender Day
Museum Advocacy Day
National Cupcake Day for SPCA’s and Humane Societies
Tortilla Chip Day

World Spay Day
Clam Chowder Day

Pink Shirt Day (Anti-bullying)
National Personal Chef’s Day
For Pete’s Sake Day
Levi Strauss Day
World Pistachio Day
Inconvenience Yourself Day – Put yourself out for someone else. Random acts of kindness, helping others, or just making someone smile. “The best index to a person’s character is (a) how he treats people who can’t do him any good, and (b) how he treats people who can’t fight back.” ~Abigail Van Buren

Peace Corps National Day of Action
International Polar Bear Day
National Chili Day
Strawberry Day

Rare Disease Day
Floral Design Day
Tooth Fairy Day

Comment on Canadians Internet BusinessPlease let us know if we’ve missed any observances or holidays celebrated in Canada, from the weird to the wonderful.

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There’s some pretty whacky ones here LOL but I love the ideas.


This will be a lot of fun. It’s tough to come up with original blog posts but I’m already thinking of ways to slant these observance days for my topics. A Godsend to marketers.




SO appreciate this. THANKS!