Finding the Right Translation Company for Your Online Business in Canada

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If you own an online business in Canada, odds are you are thinking ahead in how to build your own brand. That means successful operations in other countries, access to funding, customer acquisition, and business growth.

But have you ever thought about investing in a new market? A multilingual website for your online business could boost your traffic and leads, and usher in new clients in an unexplored market.

Translation companies like Tomedes could broaden your horizons by expanding your brand visibility in a new market through translation in the target language.

Language Concerns of Canadian Entrepreneurs Exploring Expansion

If your home country is Canada, your language is Canadian English or French, and if you’re planning to expand to Spanish speaking countries like Spain, your strategy has to change.

But what if you don’t know Spanish? Some of the time, entrepreneurs in Canada may choose to have their own teams handling their international expansion. Yet, that might prove hard for the people and the pocket.

That’s where translation companies come in. Translation companies in Canada have the experience to truly understand the Spanish market, for example.

They also have translators that have the expertise in your particular business niche, whether it be legal, medical, eCommerce, or others. These companies are trusted for their global networks of translators who are not only adept at linguistic translation but also experienced in your industry’s needs.

For your online business, such as eCommerce small businesses, you can only really trust eCommerce translators. And that’s who you’ll find in these translation firms.

The Benefits of A Translation Company In Canada

Here are the various benefits of outsourcing to a translation company in Canada for your small business or online business:

Ignites the Visibility and Reputation of Your Brand

A translation company like Tomedes can broaden your horizons in your home country and abroad. By building multilingual strategies for your business, translation companies can ignite the visibility of your brand, as well as build its reputation.

That’s why industry experts who have the linguistic expertise for the target markets will be the one doing the translations. You can’t expect anything less from translation companies than the best translators.

When you’re looking to expand globally in a market that isn’t yet familiar with your brand, the role of translation companies is to make sure your branding messages and marketing messages are strategic yet accurate for the target language or languages.

Generates Greater Leads, Clients and Income

Once your brand has greater visibility and your brand reputation grows, everything else follows. Your website could start getting greater traffic, through translation, and your online presence could start gaining authority.

Translation companies prepare your online business for the global growth that will come–such as greater leads, more clients, and increased income–by translating everything in your internal and external communications.

Enables Smooth Global Operations

If you’re planning on expanding your business internationally, a translation company can oversee that the legal documents necessary are in the language of governments in your target countries. This means smooth processing of your operations in other countries.

Translation companies can also ensure smooth global operations by making sure your internal communications are leveled. Different global departments in your company can then run securely and efficiently, by smoothing the documents necessary for employment, for interdepartmental processes, and external business processes as well.

How to Find the Right Translation Company For Online Businesses

So, now we know how a translation company benefits your brand. But how do you find the right translation company for your online business? Just follow these steps:

1. Utilize Online Reviews – Trustpilot and GoodFirms have a whole host of companies that they rate in unbiased ratings. Visit these sites to find the best translation companies for you. They’ll have ratings for customer support, client satisfaction, and more. For example, Tomedes has a rating of 97% client satisfaction. Go with a company that has high ratings from these and other sites.

2. Visit Their Website – Once you’ve decided on a translation company, you have to visit their website. Make sure the website is up to date. It’s a plus if the website has different language options too, because that means the translation company has global clients as well. Talk to a professional at the company you’re looking at by finding their contact information on their contact page. Go with a company that is readily available 24/7, as communication will be necessary at all stages of the translation project.

3. Ask to See Their Past Works – Once you’ve visited the website and have talked to a project manager or other professional at the translation company, then ask to see a portfolio of their past work. Once you’re satisfied with their past work, then ask to see their translators, or the translators they would pair with you.

4. Browse Their Translators – When you’re looking for a translator to pair with, make sure to see a portfolio of their work. Make sure they or the company that pairs you with them provides the translator’s certifications for you to see as well. Go with a translator that specializes in your field, as well as has linguistic expertise in your target language.

Almost all of these steps will ensure a proper and full-vetted translation company search.

The Bottom Line

Translation companies will vary according to experience, expertise, and networks. So make sure to choose the best companies for your needs. Make sure also that the project managers you work with are as qualified as the translators. And, make sure that the service you need will have excellent customer support, too, since you’ll need the best treatment.

Go with a company that will provide not only expertise in translation but also expertise in handling business processes, because you’ll need to ensure that your translations are equipped with the best translation companies that you can find. Best of luck!

Author Bio:
Angela Fabunan is a study abroad student from the USA and is a content writer specializing in languages.

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