Free eBook: Content Marketing Guide and Success StoriesEach month we offer you a new free guide, report, whitepaper or eCourse. This month we bring you Content Marketing: Guide and Success Stories, a free eBooklet by expert, Jeanette LeBlanc.

Most Canadian marketing experts and business owners understand that content is the key to successful online selling. However, many still don’t understand how to produce and leverage content for conversions. They’re still writing marketing copy and wondering why they’re not seeing the astounding results others claim to enjoy from content marketing.

“While traditional marketing and advertising focuses on connecting with customers for the purpose of selling, content marketing connects with your customer to deliver valuable and relevant information in unique and non-traditional ways,” writes Ms. LeBlanc.

This eBooklet provides critical guidance and insights to make your business a success through content marketing. You’ll read the stories of three small business owners who defined for themselves what success looks like, and then used content marketing strategies to help achieve their dreams. Accompanying those stories is “Advice from the Trenches”, sharing tips from each of these entrepreneurs. You’ll also find great tools for content creation.

You’ll come away from reading this eBooklet with renewed resolve, inspired ideas, and a firm grip on how to use content marketing to make your own dreams come true.

Content Marketing: Guide and Success Stores is a quick read brought to you by InfusionSoft.

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2 Responses to "Free eBook: Content Marketing Guide and Success Stories"

  1. Blake1  October 8, 2014

    Lots of info but concise and easy to understand. Good choice.

  2. Debbie Swen  October 7, 2014

    Content marketing is the ONLY RELIABLE SEO online today and even then it has to be done right to work. It does more than that though, it gets you trust and loyalty.


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