Free eBook: Self-Publishing Books 101

Free eBook - Self-Publishing Books 101Each month we offer you a new free guide, report, whitepaper or eCourse. This month we bring you Self-Publishing Books 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to Publishing Your Book in Multiple Formats, a free eBook by experts Shelley Hitz and Heather Hart. It’s an info-packed 166 pages that will leave you ready, willing and able to hit the ground running.

“Whether you are just getting started or already have experience in self-publishing, we are here to be your virtual coaches,” Shelley & Heather write. “Helping you from the start to the finish — writing, formatting, book cover design, choosing a publisher, publishing in various formats, and finally marketing your book.”

I’m personally a big fan of Shelley Hitz, to a point where I’ve read all of her books and I’ve enrolled in her course, Author Audience Academy (half price until August 1st), as well as being part of her private community. I particularly like her non-fiction eBook focus and that she speaks from experience (30+ eBooks published so far).

Countless Canadians have made a comfortable living by developing and selling Info-products, such as eBooks, online coaching, online courses, etc. The best part is that sales are only one source of revenue that self-publishing info-products like eBooks can create. Whether you’re establishing your expertise as a career or marketing move, branding, subtly promoting your products or services, up-selling, affiliate marketing, or building a springboard into public speaking or coaching, self-publishing an eBook has never been easier or less expensive than it is today.

That said, there is a learning curve and that’s where Self-Publishing 101 comes in.

This free self-publishing eBook will teach you:

The Foundation for Publishing Success

  • Writing Your Book
  • Editing Your Book
  • Building Your Marketing Platform

Self-Publishing Your Book

  • Pre-Publication Decisions
  • Book Cover Design
  • Self-Publishing a Print Book
  • Self-Publishing an eBook
  • Self-Publishing an AudioBook
  • Translating Your Book

Other Publishing Decisions

  • Obtaining a Copyright
  • Forming an Independent Publishing Company

…and more!

I’ve learned a lot from Shelley and Heather, as I do my absolute best to support my author marketing clients and pursue my own eBook writing and ghost writing. This is your chance to introduce yourself to these knowledgeable ladies without spending a dime.

What is your biggest obstacle on your journey into self-publishing? Please share in the comments below.

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I m getting ready to self-publish 2 books that will be for retail, so I understand I need ISBN #s. Is the least expensive way to do this through Bowker, knowing that I don t want to go back and redo or add something else having to do with ISBNs should my products want to be bought by a zillion people?


marketing nonfiction can be tough but I can’t write fiction so I have to work with what I’ve got ROFL. Great resource.


I’m seriously considering the course now tht I’ve read the book here. I have had the same 2 books in my head for many years and its time they came out!

Tam Perks

Great find! I don’t know how you find these books but there are some real good ones and I thanks you for sharing them.


I’m surprised this ebook is free! It has loads of really good info! I always chicken out of trying self publishing or I get plain overwhelmed by it. This book makes it a little less scary!!