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March Free Guide of the Month: B2B Email Marketing

Each month we bring you a new, free guide, report or whitepaper. This month, it’s The Complete Guide to B2B Email Marketing.

Business to business (B2B) marketing can be challenging through any channel.  When we have to compete for space and attention in an entrepreneur’s or other professional’s inbox, the challenge is that much more daunting.

The Complete Guide to B2B Email Marketing will walk you through the entire process of creating effective, targeted email campaigns — from planning and designing to sending and optimizing — in six straightforward steps.

Step 1: Authentication & Deliverability

Step 2: Template Design

Step 3: Email Content

Step 4: Testing & Optimization

Step 5: Sending Best Practices

Step 6: Tracking & Reporting

With this guide you’ll learn:

The B2B Guide to Email Marketing also includes worksheets and checklists to keep you on track.

This free, 25 page Guide to B2B Email Marketing is published by Pardot (Salesforce).

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