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Free Blog Marketing Event – Pink Ninja Media ‘Have it Your Way’ Giveaway

FREE Blogger Marketing Opportunity! Pink Ninja Media will be giving away $200 in the Have it Your Way event to celebrate their launch. Bloggers get a free Blog and Facebook link if they publish an announcement post like this one. If you do not wish to publish an announcement post, you can pay $5 to be included. There are options to purchase additional social media links, RSS, etc.

Prize:  Whatever the winner wants, the winner will get! Kindle Fire, PayPal Cash, Wal-Mart, Target … anything they choose (up to $200 including shipping).

This is a Rafflecopter event that facilitates easy entry. People receive additional entries into a contest if they perform tasks, such as signing up for a sponsor’s RSS.

Sign up for this blog giveaway event HERE.