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French Social Networking in Quebec (Statistics & Tips)

French-speaking Canadians living in Quebec are overall less likely than other Canadians to participate in social media, according to a survey conducted by CEFRIO.  It is probable that a lack of French content on social networks is to blame.  This information can benefit Canadian businesses that include Quebec in their geographical target market.

Social network participation in Quebec

Quebecers on YouTube
English 77.5%
French 64.5%

Quebecers on Facebook
English 67.0%
French 65.7%

Quebecers on Google+
English 37.8%
French 34.3%

Quebecers on LinkedIn
English 24.3%
French 12.8%

Quebecers on Twitter
English 10.0%
French 12.1%

Quebecers on Pinterest
English 9.4%
French 12.0%

Using Social Media to Engage French-Speaking Quebec

You can hire a translator or go with a reputable translation software.

French-speaking Quebecers are accustomed to living in a society that caters to their language requirements.  It isn’t reasonable to expect the same level of consideration from the rest of Canada when English is the official language.  However, it is a perfectly reasonable expectation if you want them to purchase your products and services.

Need some guidance? Here are a few expert resources to help you learn more about using social media for business success:

Have you enjoyed business success with francophone Quebec?  Please share your experience in the comments below.


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