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Grab a Bigger Share of 2013 Canadian Halloween Sales (Statistics) ©

As Canadian businesses begin to focus on the holiday season, Halloween is often overlooked.  It’s a lucrative holiday that warrants more attention than theme sales, however. The opportunities presented by Canadians searching for Halloween topics can make it well worth promoting online.

Halloween is a Big Deal in Canada

“Halloween has quickly become one of the largest shopping seasons of the year, with individuals spending upwards of $60 just on their costumes,” says Jeffrey Schwartz, Executive Director of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada.

Halloween Statistics from Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada:

If your target market is households with children, note that 3,734,401 Canadian kids were at prime trick-or-treating age (5-14) in 2012, according to Statistics Canada.

Grab that Traffic

You don’t have to sell Halloween-specific items to cash in on the number of people hitting the search engines for Halloween topics.  Half the battle is getting people to your website, where your brilliant seasonal sales tactics can grab their cash. One of the best ways to find creative ideas for this is to ask your employees.

Following are a few ideas to get your spooky creative juices flowing:

Information is a big traffic draw.  Virtually any sector can come up with related topics that bring in searchers.  For example, if you sell electronics you could have an article explaining how to set up a DIY Halloween light show,  or fashion businesses can feature orange and black products in a Halloween fashion tutorial.  You can also come up with unique costume ideas that are related to your products or services, such as a computer repair guy or organic chef.  Your blog is your best friend when it comes to creating Halloween content. If you don’t have one, consider adding a holiday section to your website.

Freebies are one of the most popular searches on the web and they don’t have to cost a fortune.  Try offering an original, free printable pumpkin carving pattern that somehow relates to your products or services, for example.  Dig up some clipart, and blow up the picture to pumpkin size for the template. Use the example you carve to decorate your office.

Halloween contests are always popular and it’s easy to stay within your business budget.  Have contests on your website, promote smaller contests on social media, or do both.  Keep the cost low and the interest high by using truly unique prizes, such as Halloween decorations made by local crafters or a trick-or-treat bag full of sugar-free candy.

Affiliate programs offer two opportunities.  If you don’t carry Halloween-specific products, you can promote a non-competing affiliate that does and create a new revenue stream.  If you’ve been thinking about launching an affiliate program of your own, this is an awesome time of year to put the plan in motion. Opting for a network like Share-a-Sale gives you immediate access to hundreds of thousands of affiliates who want to promote your products and services on their website.  You’ll have visitors who are ready to buy landing on your website through links all over the Internet.

Charities are always present in search terms revolving around holidays.  Promote their Halloween campaigns on your blog and include great images for social media & photo sharing sites.  For example, I designed several branded digital posters for All Natural Pet Care, all revolving around black cat adoption and superstition.

Keyword tools can help you create content around popular search terms.  You can find ideas and keywords by using the free keyword planner offered by Google Adwords.

  1. Select “Search for Keyword and Ad Group Ideas”
  2. Type “Halloween” in the “Product or Service” section.
  3. Select your product category from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click “Location” under “Targeting” and type in “Canada” or your service area.
  5. Click the “Get Ideas” button.

I used the Health sector and it gave me Halloween contact lenses…brilliant!

How do you snag Halloween sales online?  Please share your ideas in the comments below.


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