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If you’re going to work at home, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your home office.  It’s important that your work space(s) be functional and pleasant for your own benefit and for your visiting clients.  Susan Varano offers tips for designing a home office that will increase the success of your Canadian home-based business.

Interior Décor Tips for your Home Office
By Susan Varano

There comes a time in every person’s life when working from home seems the most perfect arrangement. The idea of working in the comfort of one’s own home may seem appealing, however it is only enjoyable if one’s home has the right design and set up. The design of your working environment impacts your mood while working at home, which in turn impacts the amount of work you get done, the quality of that work and also your general happiness. Here then are some interior décor tips for your home office.

Colour is Everything

Do not underestimate the importance of colour when assembling your own home office. Different colours will have different affects on people and you will want to choose a colour that matches both your occupation and personality.

Soft light blue is a great choice of colour for a home office as its relaxing effects are said to slow respiration and heart rate, bringing down blood pressure. Try to stay clear of dark blues however, which are said to evoke feelings of sadness.

Depending on your occupation, you may not want to be too relaxed in your home office and so an energetic colour such as red would then be a better choice. Red raises a room’s energy level and contrary to blue is known to speed respiration and heart rate, raising blood pressure.

Perhaps the best choice of home office interior colour would be green, which is believed to relieve stress, without being as relaxing as a light blue.

Choose Your Work Seat Wisely

Arguably, the most important part of your home office set up will be your chair. It is, of course, in this spot that you will spend the majority of your days and it is therefore very important that you pick a spot that is comfortable and healthy for your back.

The importance of chairs, couches and seats and the health of our back has been hugely underestimated in modern society. It is known that a poor work seat can lead to both short and long term back injuries.

The best seating position for your back is to lean back at about 135 degrees. It is actually unhealthy for your back to be straight or leaning forward while sitting.

Have a Flower or Two

Flowers bring about positive feelings and will therefore uplift the mood of your home office. They are believed to boost happiness, intimacy, well-being and calmness.

The Kitchen

Of course, there will be plenty of times you’ll take a trip to your kitchen while working from home. In fact, you may find yourself dipping into your fridge more times than you ever thought possible!

Your kitchen should therefore be in tiptop shape and immaculately designed. Kitchen remodeling on a tight budget can be difficult however, but if you go the DIY route, you could save bundles of money.

The keyword in that sentence however, is ‘could’. You must plan every single detail beforehand, from what changes you wish to make to your kitchen to how much the job should cost. Always remember that unexpected costs can come out of nowhere in construction and you should therefore over-budget.

Do you have any decorating tips for your fellow Canadian business owners?  Please share them in the comments below.

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Susan Varano is a freelance content writer who specializes in travel and finance. Her passions in life include exercise, fashion photography, art and of course, her 2 pet cats.


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