2024 Highest Paying, In-Demand Freelance Jobs

Whether you’re a freelancer, virtual assistant, or remote worker (or if you teach people in those groups), it pays to keep an eye on the highest-paying, in-demand skills. The data is invaluable as you determine the most lucrative way to grow your skillset in today’s market. In the press release below, Freelancer shares this data specifically for the freelance market.

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2024 Highest Paying, In-Demand Freelance Jobs

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San Francisco, California – 22 February 2024 – Freelancer.com (ASX:FLN), the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace by number of users and jobs posted, today published the fastest growing online jobs for 2023 based on data from more than 1 million projects posted to the platform.

Top Freelancer Jobs chart

The data reveals that jobs related to video content creation are in high demand. Videography ranked as the second fastest growing skill of 2023, with Video Production and Video Editing jobs also growing significantly and placing in the top growing jobs. Other video-related jobs, such as YouTube Video Editing and TikTok, were also amongst the top 25 fastest growing jobs on Freelancer for 2023.

Fueling this demand is an increase of brands incorporating video in their marketing strategies. According to Wyzowl, video content marketing is an essential part of a majority (88%) of marketers strategies with most (85%) planning to increase spending on video in 2024.

Demand for skills in photography and photo editing was also a driver for new jobs. Adobe Lightroom projects saw the highest percentage growth across the year, while Photography as a skill grew by 3,625 total jobs.

In terms of earning potential, freelancers in the United States are charging up to $300/hour for Photography skills, and $200/hour for Videography and Video Editing, and $160/hour to create TikTok content.

“Advances in generative AI are changing the way businesses are communicating and marketing themselves. A boom in video and photography services is a clear indication that there’s a shift towards visual, highly-produced content as opposed to reliance on legacy forms of internet marketing, such as a reliance on blog posts and articles to generate traffic. We expect this trend to continue and are already seeing signs of video and marketing categories continuing to increase in 2024,” said Matt Barrie, Chief Executive at Freelancer.com.

One example of how businesses are shifting towards video and moving away from written content is evident when looking at the decreasing skills of 2023. Blog Writing ranked as 13th in the top falling jobs on Freelancer, decreasing by 66% from 4,872 to 1,648 jobs posted in 2023. While some may speculate that the introduction of generative AI tools is impacting writing, blog writing was the only writing skill present in the falling jobs. In fact, other forms of writing such as Fiction Writing (up 36.1%), Creative Writing (up 18.8%), and Microsoft Word (up 16.8%) were amongst the fastest growing jobs of the year.

“AI can’t replace creativity, yet. Although this may emerge with model scale. We said this in the middle of the year when we saw creative writing jobs increase in Q2, 2023 and the sentiment remains the same in 2024. What we are seeing is that our freelancers are moving up the stack. They’re evolving from just blog writers to editors. Moving from just illustrators to directors. Ultimately, AI is elevating our talent and improving efficiency and productivity in the process,” added Barrie.

Top Freelance Jobs

The most popular job in 2023 was graphic design, with more than a quarter million projects requiring the skill. Graphic design has historically been the number one job type on Freelancer for over a decade. Jobs related to graphic design are also the best way for new freelancers to break into freelancing, as there is an abundance of projects offering Website Design, Logo Design, Icon Design, and other forms of graphic design available.

Top Freelancer Jobs chart 2

Best Paid Skills Per Hour on Freelancer.com in 2023

Marketing, photography, and video related jobs took out the top spots for the best paid skills per hour on the platform for 2023. These skills being paid the most is consistent with these categories also being the most in-demand for the year.

Best Paid Jobs per Project on Freelancer.com in 2023

As for jobs paid per project, Internet Marketing takes out the top spot, followed by Website Design, Graphic Design, Data Entry, and Video Services.

Best Paid Freelancer Jobs Per Project chart

Freelancer Fast 50

The Freelancer Fast 50 index is the world’s largest forward indicator of trends in online jobs related to industries, technologies, products, and companies. The data is based on 1,122,000 jobs posted to the Freelancer platform between January 1 and December 31, 2023.

2023 Growing Skills

Adobe Lightroom (68.9%)
Videography (53.7%)
User Interface / IA Design (50.7%)
Photography (44.8%)
Administrative Support (43.7%)
Manufacturing Design (39.5%)
Fiction Writing (36.1%)
Video Production (34.6%)
Video Editing (30.4%)
Market Research (27.1%)
T-Shirt Design (26.6%)
Canva (23.5%)
WordPress Plugin (23.5%)
Search Engine Marketing (23.4%)
YouTube Video Editing (22.1%)
Corporate Identity (21.1%)
Poster Design (20.3%)
Motion Graphics (20.2%)
Icon Design (19.4%)
Creative Writing (18.8%)
Sales (18.1%)
Drawing Artist (17.8%)
Local Job (17.8%)
Microsoft Word (16.8%)
TikTok (15.7%)

2023 Falling Skills

Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) (-87.0%)
Binance Smart Chain (-78.0%)
Smart Contracts (-76.4%)
Solidity (-74.6%)
Swedish Translator (-74.1%)
Ethereum (-73.5%)
Bitcoin (-72.0%)
Blockchain (-71.7%)
Web3.js (-68.5%)
Academic Research (-66.5%)
Blog Installation (-66.5%)
2D Animation Explainer Video (-66.4%)
Blog Writing (-66.2%)
Vectorization (-65.9%)
Discord (-65.4%)
Adobe XD (-61.4%)
Biology (-60.5%)
3D Model Maker (-60.4%)
Animated Video Development (-60.2%)
Computer Science (-59.8%)
Cryptography (-59.4%)
.NET Core (-58.9%)
Academic Writing (-58.0%)
Cryptocurrency (-57.9%)
CSS3 (-57.5%)

About Freelancer.com

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I’ve noticed a big difference this past year in amount offered freelancers especially content creators and people who manage it all. I’ve noticed more companies hiring employees for those positions too so that might mean less jobs for freelancers but so many companies need it I doubt there’ll be much negative impact. The world is changing how it works!