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There’s a big difference between using social media and actually working social media to your advantage.  Too many businesses, agencies and even social media managers are using social media without truly utilizing it to help their business.  To milk social media for all it has to offer, we have to study individual networks and really think about how we can use them to our advantage.

Statistics have shown Canadians are some of the top Twitter users in the World.  In fact, some data indicates that almost half of online Canadians have a Twitter account.  Engaging Canadians can have a direct impact on sales, and more indirect benefits such as the positive effect of engagement on organic search engine optimization (SEO).

Twitter is often used as a broadcasting channel or sales venue without any thought or creativity.  The social network has so much more to offer those who are willing to build a strategy around it.  One often overlooked feature is the ability to geo-target both organically and through advertising options.

Increase Your Canadian Organic Reach on Twitter

To point your marketing mind in the right direction, here are some creative ways to reach Canadians organically via Twitter:

1. Make sure your profile clearly identifies your business as Canadian.

2. Have Twitter contests and mention Canadian eligibility when you promote it.

3. Retweet content from Canadian Twitter accounts when it’s suitable for your audience.  Many will add your retweet to their Favourites and/or follow you.  If you want to get a running start on Canadian accounts to follow, check out who we’re following @CanadianWebBiz.

4. Make a list of Canadian Twitter accounts that are in the habit of retweeting comments sent to them.  You can use a text file or create a list within Twitter. Send thoughtful, valuable comments from your business Twitter account and that’s all the advertising that should be included.  You’re trying to draw them in so they follow you or at least have a look at your page.  Spammy comments won’t be retweeted and they’ll make you look bad.  Adding a clever photo may increase the chance of your comment being retweeted.  Don’t forget to retweet their content in return when suitable.

5. Use media hashtags (#) for Canadian television shows that are related to your business (or random Canadian shows if you’re topically diverse).  Popular TV shows use hashtags while on the air, ranging from news broadcasts, to entertainment, to business programs like Dragons’ Den.  Others may not use them live, but still have hashtags associated with them.

For example, a CBC Marketplace segment on a related topic could be pure gold, not only while the show is airing but there’s also a chance you’ll be quoted on the next show when they share comments.  Additionally, many shows will retweet your comments if you address them to their account with “@” or through their hashtags.

6. Participate in Canadian “Twitter parties” and throw some of your own.  Twitter parties are virtual events intended to increase engagement with customers or potential customers.  They usually offer prize draws, fun questions, and more.  It’s all brought together under a unique hashtag of your choosing.  For an example of a Twitter party announcement and registration page, check out the Food Bloggers of Canada’s recent Blend & Extend Twitter party.

7. Post about currently trending Canadian events.Increasing Your Canadian Reach on Twitter

8. Work with other Canadian companies in mutually beneficial arrangements. Join together for a Twitter party or just agree to some share trading.

Invest in Twitter Advertising

Twitter has several advertising options that will add precision to your Canadian campaign, including:

Geo-targeting allows you to select a location in which to target your advertising.  You can select Canada or narrow it all the way down to a postal code.  As a rule, the broader the area that suits your particular campaign goals, the more people will be reached.  For example, you’ll reach far more British Columbians by geo-targeting British Columbia, than you will by selecting numerous postal codes within British Columbia.

Keyword Targeting can be a useful way to both extend and focus your reach.  For example, instead of selecting a keyword like iPad, you could use iPad Canada.  A potential Canadian customer seeking product information about iPads may find the info anywhere, but when they’re ready to buy they’re more likely to search for local sources.

Website Tag for Remarketing is a very effective way to reach Canadians who have already visited your website.  Add the code snippet to your site and Twitter will automatically start matching your visitors’ cookie ID’s to Twitter users.  Eventually, Twitter will have compiled a list of users for you to target in your advertising.  For example, you may run a campaign that simply encourages the visitor to follow you on Twitter.  When they log into Twitter your ad may show up in their stream.  You may have to do some legwork if you want to target only Canadian Twitter users, but it could be well worth the effort.

So many businesses believe they’ve tried social media and it simply wasn’t worth the effort.  The fact of the matter is, their effort was inadequate and their method nonexistent.  If hundreds of people follow you into a room so they can hear everything your company has to say and you can’t make a sale in that room, you’re doing something wrong.  Twitter is that room, learn how to work it.  If you don’t have the time or inclination to do it right, hire someone who is talented in the art of social marketing to do it for you.

Comment on Canadians Internet BusinessHow are you finding Canadians on Twitter?  Please share your tips or questions in the comments below.

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Vanessa V.

one of the best twitter posts I’ve read in a long while. Thanks from a fellow Canadian!

Corina Rickel

Hello! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you have here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.


I LOVE IT! Thanks for helping Canadian businesses specifically. I love the USA but I sure get tired of everything being from their point of view and to benefit them only. 🙂 Now I’m going to go RULE twitter!!

Ricky Norton

Twitter is SO SO SO much better than Facebook! Especially for business. Facebook can shut down today for all I care but I’d really miss Twitter.


You are so going to write a book, I just know it. You should anyway! Nobody really thinks about social media anymore unless they’re blowing BS to make a buck. You have something real to offer.


Truly insightful info, which is hard to find when it comes to twitter these days. I’m willing to put forth more effort but I struggle with how to do it sometimes. This helps, good job.

Deloris Black

Now there’s someone who knows what to do with a tweet!! It’s very inspiring and makes me want to spend more time with twitter. I must confess to not giving it much thought other than sharing my posts.