SEO Study Reveals Canadian Organic Click-Through Rates

Click-through rates are an important part of evaluating the success of search engine campaigns and organic traffic, yet they are limited when trying to reach solid conclusions that you can build a strategy upon. It takes a massive amount of data to reach actionable conclusions, that will hold up for a reasonable period of time and bring reliable results.

With that in mind, seoClarity conducted what is thought to be the largest CTR study ever. They looked at 750 billion impressions and more than 30 billion clicks, resulting in solid conclusions that marketers can confidently act on. Some of this data is country-specific, including Canada.

Canadian Organic Search Click-Through Rates

Canadian search engine click-through rates do differ from other countries, at least in regards to which results we click on most often.

  • Canadian searchers click on the first search result most often (11.3%), 90.6% more than position number two. The gap between position one and two is the largest of all countries they analyzed.
  • 34.17% of those surveyed click on one of the top 20 search results.
  • Canadians are still clicking on the second page of search results. In fact, results on the second page are clicked 57% more often than in the US.

2021 Click-Through Rates by Sector

Some of the most actionable data that comes out of this study, is the CTR by industry. Consumer behaviour can be profoundly different depending on which industry they’re moving in. Check out some of the differences found in click-through rates below.

You’ll find more in the report, but they haven’t done a very good job of explaining the results or consistently using terms, such as ‘traffic’, ‘impressions’ and ‘clicks’. It seems to have lost something in the process of summarizing the results. Following are a few highlights by sector.

Apparel & Fashion CTR

  • Click-through rates for the fashion industry are higher from searchers using a desktop computer than they are for mobile users.
  • Desktop searchers clicked on the first result 43.5% of the time, while mobile searchers clicked on positions 4 and 5 most often.
  • 15.12% of desktop users and 13.47% of mobile device users click within the top 10 results.

Beauty & Personal Care CTR

  • Desktop leads in the beauty and personal care industry, and position 1 grabs 181% more clicks than position 2.
  • 18.14% of desktop users and 16.52% of mobile device users click within the top 10 results.

Business & Industrial CTR

  • There were 54% more searches for ‘business’ on mobile devices than desktop.
  • Click-through rates for each of the top three search positions in the business category are higher on desktop.
  • However, the traffic conversion of the top 10 organic results are almost the same for desktop (21.32%) and mobile (19.03%).

Consumer Electronics CTR

  • Oddly, while there are more mobile searches for ‘consumer electronics’ (559 million), desktop searches (480 million) result in 17% more website traffic.
  • The top 10 organic search results for desktop generate 17.4% more clicks than the top 10 organic search results for mobile users.

Finance CTR

  • Searches for ‘finance’ on mobile devices are notably higher (45.9% more), as is the click-through rate (3.2%).
  • The top 10 organic search results convert 23.97% of mobile traffic into clicks, compared to 20.77% for desktop.

Health CTR

  • Mobile listings in the ‘health’ industry receive 119% more clicks than desktop listings.
  • The top 10 results received 95% more traffic on mobile devices than desktop devices.

Home & Garden CTR

  • The top 10 organic listings on mobile drive 90% more traffic than the top 10 on desktop.

Retail & Ecommerce CTR

  • Mobile trounces desktop in retail and ecommerce. Organic impressions are 180% higher for mobile in the top 10 listings by comparison to desktop.
  • Mobile is also superior in click-through rates, leading to 208% more clicks for the top three positions. Desktop click-through rates take the lead for results 4-10.

How do your organic click-through rates compare to the conclusions in this study? Please comment below or join us in the Online Business Canada Facebook group for further discussion.

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