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Listen Up, Brands: What Online Canadian Moms Want (Statistics)

A survey of 1674 Canadian Moms (including 5% dads and 8% “other”) has revealed some interesting insights into what they want from brands online, and how they want it. While respondents weighed in from across the country, the overwhelming majority (60%) were from Ontario. This group loves social media and social sharing, but most feel that brands aren’t engaging them as much as they could be. Consequently, brands are missing out on valuable sharing opportunities and social sales.

44% of Canadian Moms say the best time to engage them online is at night after the kids are in bed. 30% are online in the morning, but they’re very distracted. 16% are online around lunch or in the afternoon, while just 11% are on the Internet at dinner time or after dinner while their kids are still up.

Where You’ll Find Canadian Moms Online

Facebook 77% daily, 12% weekly.
Twitter 29% daily, 14% weekly.
Instagram 23% daily, 13% weekly.
Pinterest 18% daily, 29% weekly.
Blogs 17% daily, 27% weekly.
YouTube 16% daily, 40% weekly.

What Makes Canadian Moms Share on Social Media?

Nine out of ten Canadian Moms share content on social media and four out of ten share at least weekly. 13% share daily and 25% share occasionally.

Knowing how often Moms share on social media and where they do so is handy information to have. However, knowing WHY they share can be the backbone of a powerful campaign.

74% want to educate others
58% want to make someone smile
45% want to share an interesting point of view
37% want to share a smart point of view
36% want to entertain others
28% want to share a positive message
27% want to help people feel better about themselves
23% want to help people save money

Topics Canadian Moms Want to Share (or Otherwise Engage with) on Social Media

These statistics indicate just 19% want to hear about your brand or product directly. You have to be more creative and subtle than that.

61% want to share humorous stories
58% like parenting tips
52% appreciate coupons, deals and contests
48% like current events
47% like simple and clever health tips
42% like feel-good stories

Need some guidance?

Here are a few exceptional resources to help you learn more about using social media for business success:

Giving Canadian Moms What They Want

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all Moms a very happy Mother’s Day, especially my Mom in New Brunswick!

Have you had a particularly successful marketing campaign that targeted Moms? Please share your tips or questions in the comments below.

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