Make Money Online with the Best Paid Survey Sites in Canada

The online income opportunity to get paid for taking surveys in Canada has greatly improved since I first started working online in the 90’s. Back then, only a handful of companies paid people to take surveys and few accepted applicants from this country. As Canadian businesses embrace the power of the Internet, and international businesses gain interest in the lucrative Canadian market, the interest in consumer buying habits has grown substantially.

Canadians involved with multiple online survey companies enjoy a small side income with little effort. It’s the perfect job for anyone who wants to make money from home, including stay-at-home parents, seniors and students.

In a nutshell, the more surveys you take, the more you make. Some pay more than others and many pay in USD. You can focus on the higher-paying opportunities or grab all that come your way. You’ll be surprised how quickly the rewards can add up if you’re dedicated. You don’t have to designate time to take each one, they’re perfect for multi-tasking. You can take mobile surveys while you wait at the doctor’s office or on the bus, use your laptop during TV commercials, and so on.  The surveys and other activities are designed to be user-friendly for all skill levels.

Paid survey sites can offer a variety of ways to earn cash beyond actual surveys. Anyone can make money online by participating in focus groups, testing products, shopping online, using coupons, playing games, previewing movies, watching videos, listening to the radio, clicking ads, searching or browsing the Internet, and reading emails.

As a general rule, companies that concentrate on surveys and/or focus groups pay more, but you’ll have less opportunities to earn. For example, I’ve received focus group and market research offers (online and offline) ranging from $60 to $300. Companies that send out surveys more frequently often take less time to complete and pay less, but you’ll earn a comparable amount to longer, less frequent surveys if you keep at it.

Getting Started

  • Most survey sites will pay cash via PayPal, so sign up for a free account if you don’t have one already. You can easily transfer your earnings to your bank account from there.
  • Create an eMail account that you will only use for surveys. This will avoid cluttering your other email and make invitations easy to find. It will also prevent misuse of your email address if you happen to make a bad choice in survey companies.
  • We suggest you track your participation in surveys for several reasons. The easiest way to do this is to create a folder in your email client and simply move the invitation email there once the survey is complete. You can also start a spreadsheet or keep a well-organized text file.
  • Keep an eye on your Spam folder to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities. If you find a legit survey company in your Spam folder, use your email client’s settings to mark the sender as “safe”.
  • Sign up for Roboform (free) or a similar tool to save a huge amount of time in filling out forms and passwords. Pick up an address book at the dollar store to keep your log in information organized.
  • When you sign up to take surveys at each individual company, make sure you fill out all of the information and be honest. The initial sign-up survey can take time, but you’ll receive more opportunities if you complete it.
  • Never provide your Social Insurance Number when signing up for any income opportunity online.
  • Take a couple of surveys as soon as you sign up with a company if they’re available, or take the first couple they send to you. This can jump-start the invitation process and make it more likely that you’ll be chosen for future surveys.

Getting Chosen

The companies that pay Canadians to take surveys online are looking for specific qualifiers. Part of the selection process will be covered by the information you provided when you signed up. The rest will be determined with qualification questions (or “screeners”) for each survey. Your answers may be compared with the information you have provided before, so don’t be tempted to lie to qualify.

You will probably be rejected if you work for a a marketing agency or related field, or if you work for in the same industry as the company offering the survey.

If you don’t have a conventional job, consider yourself self-employed to qualify since most companies are only interested in consumers with the ability to spend money.

Note: The whole reason we have the opportunity to make money doing surveys online is because the information we provide is valuable. If the majority of participants lie or cheat, companies will eventually stop paying Canadians for their opinions. Honesty is your job security.

Get Paid by the Best Online Survey Companies in Canada

The Best Paid Survey Sites for Canadians

Legerweb is a Canadian survey company in Montreal. It is the largest Canadian-owned Web Panel with 400,000 members across Canada. Surveys are available in both English and French. You can receive a cheque, donate to a Canadian charitable organization, or convert your earnings into Air Miles®.

MyPoints pays you to take surveys, play games, use coupons, and shop for products or gift cards. You can also earn 25 points for referring your friends, and you’ll get 10% of the points they earn. Redeem points for gift cards, cash or travel.

Swagbucks is a leading online rewards site that gives free gift cards to its members for taking surveys, shopping, searching the web, watching videos, and playing games. They will give you a $5 sign on bonus when you join. has awarded over $65 Million in rewards to users across the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia.

Survey Lion is the Consumer Panel Website of Canadian Viewpiont. Earn cash for taking surveys in Canada, along with gift certificates and free products. They also pay $5 for each friend you refer.

ZoomBucks pays in “Zbucks” which can be exchanged for rewards. Earn Zbucks for taking surveys, searching the web, visiting websites, shopping, postal mail, telephone surveys, etc. Exchange your Zbucks for PayPal cash, gift cards, or items like a Kindle Fire or iPad. Receive 5 Zbucks for confirming your email when you sign up and 20 more just for joining, plus more if you go through the tutorial. Earn 10% of what your referred friends earn. You can start exchanging Zbucks for rewards at as low as 300 and they have several Canadian options, such as an gift card.

Survey Savvy has been around for a long time and it shows. They offer paid online surveys for which you will receive incentive credits, which can be exchanged for cash.

Ipsos i-Say pays Canadians cash, products, gift cards, airline miles, and contest entries for online, mobile or webcam surveys, product testing and referrals. The more surveys you take, the more i-Say points you earn and the more rewards you’ll enjoy (including bonuses).

Engage is more focus group oriented and their higher payments reflect that, at $50-$250 per survey. However, you will probably only receive 2-4 invitations per year. Earn money for participating in online focus groups, online discussions, website usability studies and more.

Asking Canadians pays you to take surveys using Hudson’s Bay Rewards† points, Aeroplan® Miles, Petro-Points™, VIA Préférence™ or Pure Points, as well as contest entries.  They promise several paid surveys per month. Our thanks to “rbgnoble” for sharing this opportunity with us.

We’ll be adding more paid survey sites for Canadians as we discover and test them, so please check back regularly and follow us on Twitter.

??? What are your favourite paid survey sites in Canada? Please let us know in the comments below or discuss this and other online business topics in the Online Business Canada Facebook group!

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Shelby F

I do OK with surveys but nothing huge. I’ve had a couple of brand focus sessions that paid really well. The rest is more of a hobby than anything but if it covers one expense this year I’ll be a happy camper!


I like doing them sometimes as a hobby more than for money and its a good thing because I don’t make much! I use My Points mostly. It keeps my mind sharp! Maybe I’ll join some more & up my game. 😉

Leigh Sloane

Which survey company pays most?

Kamal Tur

Hi, I am doing survey type task from last few months. I

choose survey carrier as my 2nd opportunity. I am inspired

reading your article. You have mentioned all the necessary

key information which I looking for.


the Insights West Feedback Community also does a lot of focus groups in Vancouver. You can sign up here:

Terry Brady

I make most with ebates and it’s so easy to click through them before ordering. I do surveys too though. One focus group paid $125 canadian dollars and that’s the most I’ve ever been paid for one task. It was all online too I didn’t have to go anywhere. It’s a fun way to earn a few extra dollars for retired people.

Joy Oviahon

Hello there. I’m interested in joining any &/or all of the sites but I’m afraid of giving my DOB & other personal information. How do I know that this is a legitimate site & that my information will not be compromised?

Vicky Travis

I joined a lot of the sites on the list. Some send surveys regularly but most are less often so joining a lot of them is best. They don’t always email you so I check the sites every couple of days. The most money I’ve ever made was $220 for a focus group. Focus groups are definitly where the money is but the rest adds up fast too. It’s a fun way to earn some extra money but not a full time job.

Trina Doyle

Call me crazy but I really like doing surveys and making a few nickels here & there doing fun stuff. Why not? I’ve won some pretty good prizes too.


Good article! I’ve found AskingCanadians to be a great survey (run by Delvinia Technology). They offer incentives choices like Aeroplan, Hudson’s Bay, Petro Points etc. Normally a 15 – 20 minute survey and I’ve found it to be a good experience.

Deb B

Oh wow…I tried it a long time ago but there wasn’t so many then. I can’t believe how many you have here…hmmmm. Going to pass this on to my daughter.


I just joined a bunch this week and I’m already making money! So excited to help hubby out with paying the bills while I stay at home with our toddler.

Thank you so much!!

XO Delani & family


Canadian Living has an advisory panel. There’s no money but you get entered into prize draws.


I’ve been working with a couple of them for a few years now. I put it towards our vacation savings. Glad to see there are so many more out there and I can’t wait to join. I can’t wait to see Hawaii!