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Over 500 marketers around the World participated in Marquette Group’s latest social media marketing benchmark survey. Canadian marketers made up about 10% of those surveyed. The report reveals the most effective social media marketing tactics used by these marketers.

Social marketers remain firmly focused on awareness, engagement, and ultimately lead generation.

Marketers are obviously becoming better at utilizing social media for it’s primary purpose, namely brand awareness and consumer engagement. They begin to flounder when attempting to use social media for more focused reasons, however.

It’s interesting that they had less success with objectives requiring more in-depth measurement. It may be a matter of not knowing how social media has helped in these categories more than a lower level of effectiveness for the purpose. Marketers who focus solely on click through rates (CTR) and website visits don’t see the complete picture that they would if they measured lead activity and conversion rates. This results in “dog chasing a car” syndrome among marketers who know how to chase down consumers on social media, but aren’t sure what to do with them once they catch them.

“Digital advertising must be measurable” the report declares. “Whether the metric is clicks, calls or conversions, the ability to deliver measurable results is a requirement for success.”

Another issue is the conflicting personality types required for effective, fully-featured social marketing. The social extrovert is very good at engagement and brand awareness, while the typical analytical introvert is required for data utilization. The position also requires an artistic touch (writing, graphics skills) and knack for tech (using tools for effective execution and measurement), as well as a strategic thinker with the ability to translate data into a useful strategy. Finding that unique combination of personalities and skill-sets is difficult indeed, but it can be done.

The unique requirements make it that much more important to watch social marketers in action before you recruit them. Luckily, the nature of the job means we’re accessible online. Don’t worry too much about marketing or communications degrees, focus on demonstrated ability. They’re either good at social marketing or they’re not, and no piece of paper will guarantee their value to your company.

The Most Effective Social Marketing Tactics

Social marketers are convinced of the benefits of content marketing and they’re enjoying a lot of success for their efforts.

Chart courtesy of Ascend2 and Marquette Group

Creating content is only half of the job, however, which brings us back to strategy.

“An integrated approach to leveraging social marketing ensures content is viewed by the right people at the right point in the purchase funnel” the report advises.

Need some guidance? Here are a few exceptional resources to help you learn more about using social media for business success:

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