May Free Course of the Month - Social Media for Lead Generation Each month we offer you a new free guide, report, whitepaper or eCourse. This month we bring you a nine-part course designed to help marketers generate leads via social media, Social Media for Lead Generation.

Social media is one of the top tools for lead generation, if it’s used correctly. With more than 19 million Canadians on Facebook alone, the opportunity to generate leads is nothing short of massive. In fact, if you can’t make a sale to a group of social media followers who have demonstrated their interest in your brand, you’re obviously doing something wrong.

Potential customers are using social media to discover your brand and to research products before they purchase. This makes social media a vital channel to utilize for target audience engagement and message amplification, resulting in more qualified leads.

This whitepaper is a nine-part course that shows you how to use social media to support your lead generation efforts, and serves as a blueprint for marketers who want to know the specific steps required to create lead generating campaigns via social media.

Social Media for Lead Generation Course Outline

  • Social Media Lead Generation Fundamentals
  • Understanding the Social Buyer
  • Social Content Offers
  • Using Facebook for Lead Generation
  • Using Twitter for Lead Generation
  • Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation
  • Using Google+ for Lead Generation
  • Social Media Lead Generation Technology

The Social Media for Lead Generation course is brought to you by the experts at Act-On.

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  1. Annie  May 21, 2014

    Such an informative download, thanks!

  2. Shaline Badu  May 18, 2014

    Sponsored or not, it’s good info. 🙂

  3. Phil  May 11, 2014

    I learned a few things from this one! Thanks!


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