In their 2014 benchmark merchant data for Q1, Demac Media included an interesting comparison between mCommerce performance and traditional desktop eCommerce in Canada. The data in the report was obtained from participating Shopify Canada and Magento merchants.

Mobile Commerce vs. eCommerce in Canada

mCommerce (Mobile) vs. eCommerce in Canada

The following data compares the activity of those who visited participating websites using a mobile device (such as a Smartphone) to those visiting the regular eCommerce sites in the first quarter of 2014.

  • Conversion Rate: 0.60% for mCommerce vs. 1.15% for eCommerce.
  • Order Value: The average order value for mCommerce was $127.92 vs. $137.51 for eCommerce.
  • Number of Transactions: mCommerce brought in an average of 328 transactions vs. 1199 transactions for eCommerce.
  • New Visitors: mCommerce accounted for 48.70% of new visitors vs. 52.54% for eCommerce.
  • Visit Duration: The average minutes spent on websites by mobile shoppers was 3:19 vs. 3:56 for eCommerce.

A significantly lower conversion rate and number of transactions suggests Canadian shoppers still aren’t comfortable purchasing on their mobile devices. The time spent on the site while purchasing may indicate that in both cases, shoppers already know what they’re going to purchase when they arrive.

Canadian businesses continue to lag way behind in their adoption of eCommerce and mCommerce, but they’re beginning to realize just how critical it is that they make their move.

“Ecommerce as a percentage of total retail is still below 10%. I think that’s going to change this year,” predicts Harley Finkelstein, Chief Platform Officer at Shopify. “You’re going to see a lot more traditional retailers that haven’t previously sold online, and also makers – people creating physical products – that will begin to create their own online stores and go directly to consumers.”

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Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report, Q1 2014

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4 Responses to "Mobile Commerce vs. eCommerce in Canada"

  1. Zianne  May 26, 2014

    Just when I think I’ve finally entered the modern business world it changes again lol. The whole structure of business is changing!

  2. Zach Hanson  May 21, 2014

    I believe mobile shopping will be a slow climb in this country even with most owning smartphones. We’re just way too careful and maybe that’s a good thing. Great post!

  3. Vincint M.  May 14, 2014

    Mcommerce is going to lead all retail sales eventually and the time to get on that train is NOW.

  4. Dustin B  May 10, 2014

    Mobile hasn’t overcome direct ecommerce yet but it’s closing the gap. It’s only a matter of time but issues with public wifi will probably keep people worried about security.


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