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Mobile Facebook Use Increases in Canada: Work it to Your Advantage ©

Canadians love Facebook, with some 14 million logging in every single day and 19 million logging in at least once per month.  Those numbers have remained steady for the past year, but how we access Facebook has changed significantly.

Jordan Banks, Managing Director at Facebook Canada, reports a 15% increase in Canadian Facebook users who log in using a mobile device.  10 million Canadians logged into Facebook daily using their mobile device, an increase of six percent from last summer.  15 million Canadians visit Facebook at least once per month using their mobile phone or tablet.  

“We’re seeing people check their phones 20 times a day for Facebook — status updates and news feed posts and checking in — so it’s really become like a Canadian reflex, if you will, to access your phone, whether you’re at a bus stop or a hockey game or sitting at home watching TV,” said Mr. Banks.

If he sounds excited, it’s because more than half of Facebook’s revenues come from mobile advertising.  With Canada going mobile in record numbers, a whole new geographical market opens up for Facebook.

What that Means to Canadian Businesses

Reiteration of mobile penetration in Canada has reached the point of redundancy.  However, Canadians have the tendency to lag behind in their acceptance of online opportunities.  We’re more comfortable with a business page on Facebook than an eCommerce website, and that’s where the opportunity is.

“There aren’t many businesses in Canada that aren’t using Facebook as either a primary or secondary marketing platform” Mr. Banks observed.

Purchasing advertising on Facebook is easy and it gets us through the back door to mobile users.  It’s useless to market to mobile users if we don’t have a mobile-friendly website, however.  If mobile optimization wasn’t your priority before, it should be before you pour money into Facebook advertising.  In the meantime, US marketers are reaching Canadians through social media and luring them across the border, and your social Canadian competition is getting the jump on you.

Become Mobile-Friendly

There are several options available to you when you’re ready to create a mobile-friendly website.

Social Mobile Resources:

Once you understand the connection, it will be much easier for you to strategize for the benefit of your business.

Is Facebook a part of your mobile marketing strategy? Please share your experience or questions in the comments below.

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