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OTTAWA, ON, Aug. 3, 2022 /CNW/ – Ten years ago, Saleh Taebi, a tech enthusiast in his 20s found a fully bootstrapped start-up out of his “passion for technology and perfecting cars.” The company is now Canada’s #1 online choice for purchasing Wheels, Tires, and Automotive Parts. Right from its inception in 2012, CanadaWheels has revolutionized the Automotive e-commerce industry through its award-winning platform that is built upon innovation and advanced technology.

CanadaWheels started its journey by transforming the multi-layer automotive supply chain, through enabling a direct link between manufacturers and end users. That considerably reduces warehousing and logistic costs, enabling them to offer a massive range of product options from various manufacturers. As a result, they can provide the best prices along with nationwide fast and free shipping services.

CanadaWheels Anniversary

Throughout these years, the company has constantly been pushing the envelope in providing a more convenient shopping experience, by enabling various innovative technologies, such as being the first Canadian site to offer a wheel visualizer, offering automated guaranteed fitment using an in-house database of over 50 million vehicle records and building a geolocation-based algorithm for dispatching and shipping products in the fastest way possible.

Founder & CEO Saleh Taebi states, “We are privileged to serve over 10 Million visitors within our first 10 years of existence. We are grateful to all our customers, business partners, and supporters. Our first decade is a reflection of our Canadian Dream. My Team and I are very proud of this milestone and will continue to push the limits in conquering higher picks in the international online retail market.”

Relying on its mission toward innovation, Canadawheels has proudly served hundreds of thousands of loyal customers in 800 cities across Canada and shipped products to over 10 countries worldwide, including the USA, Spain, Germany, Japan, etc. Satisfying customers with high-quality products and services has always been at the core of all CanadaWheels activities, which is truly reflected in more than three thousand 5-star Google and Facebook Customer Reviews submitted so far.

Thanks to the support of its customers, CanadaWheels has seen impressive 200x revenue growth in the past 10 years with a 70% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), earning national recognitions in the form of twelve awards since its inception. These awards include three consecutive years on the business ranking of “Canada’s top Growing Companies” (2019-2021) by The Globe and Mail, and most recently on the 2022 Canadian Business New Innovators List.

Enhancing their catalog by adding over 450 reputable auto part brands was yet another milestone toward CanadaWheels expansion, which marks them as the biggest online assortment in the Canadian market, offering more than 2 million products, from 750+ brands. By this milestone achieved in early 2020, CanadaWheels has transformed from being a wheels and tires retailer to a one-stop shop, capable of fulfilling all automotive needs.

While celebrating the first decade, the future looks even more promising for CanadaWheels and its customers. The company plans to expand its portfolio beyond automotive, by enhancing departments such as motorcycle, boating, bicycle, and Garage equipment and Tools, expanding its inventory by listing new products from over 100 top-selling brands in these categories.

In the same vein, CanadaWheels also aims to promote its award-winning platform across borders later this year, by launching its new domain, coupled with the integration of AI-driven features to target customers and stakeholders living in the United States more efficiently.


Founded in 2012, CanadaWheels is the number one online retailer of automotive wheels, tires, and parts in Canada. Its mission is to revolutionize the automotive online shopping experience by innovating, educating, and bringing transparency to the automotive industry. Headquartered in Ottawa, their award-winning platform has served hundreds of thousands of clients nationally and internationally. CanadaWheels, in the future, plans to further innovate its current e-commerce platform through the integration of AI and will be launching its American domain,

CanadaWheels is always proud to put customers at the centre of all its activities and assist them through a professional team of customer support staff. Their lines are open during business hours to answer any client questions such as vehicle modifications or best buying options. Shoppers can get in touch with their sales specialists at 1·800·453·4484 or For any media inquiries, please contact

SOURCE CanadaWheels Inc


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