Pet Influencers Are Some of the Richest Online

Pets were one of the first categories of viral content and their influence has only grown. Combine that with the growing value of the pet industry in general, and you have a winner. No matter how saturated the category gets, pet influencers are some of the richest online.

How Much Do Top Pet Influencers Make?

The infographic below, The Highest Paid Pets on Instagram, demonstrates the massive potential of those who are fantastic at leveraging social media to their advantage. The top 50 pet influencers on Instagram charge $334-$27,153 USD per post. The total amount influencers make will be much higher than what they’re paid for a social media post. They can also earn from sponsored blog posts, direct advertising like banner ads, and virtually any other method of online monetization.

If you’re interested in exploring the pet possibilities for yourself, I recommend starting with a blog and then build your empire out from it. You can launch your social media channels at any time, but try to have them ready as soon as the website is live.

How to Create Content That Brands & Followers Will Love

Engagement will be your top priority, and that means creating stellar content on your blog and social media platforms.

1. Look for content inspiration on successful pet influencer blogs and social media feeds, but don’t stop there. Research award-winning PR/advertising/marketing campaigns and find ways to make a similar concept work at the social media level, specifically for your audience. You can learn a lot about what’s working and identify any shortcomings.

You’re going to get good at spotting opportunities to create content that hasn’t been done yet, or you may be inspired and find a way to do it better. Note that inspiration and ideas are not the same as copying (which can be influencer suicide). You won’t get far in this business without originality.

2. Make sure all of your content, from photos to videos to blog posts, offer exceptional value to your followers. Sometimes brands don’t understand how much more effective that is than anything remotely resembling an ad, so educate them if necessary. Both your followers and your sponsors are going to get more out of truly helpful, informative, meaningful content. That will keep both of them coming back for more and encourage them to share your content with others.

3. Include people or pets other than yourself in your photos or videos (with their permission). Not only is it more interesting and realistic, but brands may also be interested in working with all of you on suitable campaigns. The same applies to collaborating with your fellow bloggers and influencers, as brands often like to work with groups.

4. Go easy on the photo filters. You’ll get the best results with filters if you go with a few favourites or your own unique filters. This way, the filter becomes part of your brand like your colour scheme.

5. Eliminate your annoying writing and speaking habits, such as saying “Like” or “Um” in most sentences, using too many exclamation marks, overusing caps or bolded words for emphasis, writing an entire post in one-sentence paragraphs, profanity, and the list goes on.

6. Readability/viewability, sincerity and presentation are critical and should become part of your personal style.

7. Mention your favourite brands in your content and make sure you tag them on social media.

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Even if you aren’t focused on a pet niche, bring your furry friends into your visuals sometimes. They grab attention like nothing else.

Top Pet Influencers on Instagram
Source: How Quickly Pet Influencers Can Pay Off Your Mortgage

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