5 Ways to Promote the Holidays Without Disrespecting Remembrance Day ©

Online marketing for the Holiday season has to start early due to shipping time. However, many Canadian consumers don’t understand that and may find it disrespectful when they see Holiday promotions before Remembrance Day. The last thing we want to do is upset shoppers, but what is an online business to do?

Promotions that specifically refer to the holidays (in words or images) are entirely unnecessary. Consumers know they’re shopping for Christmas, we don’t have to tell them that in our marketing.

5 Ways to Promote the Holidays Without Disrespecting Remembrance Day

  • Start offering competitive deals and coupons for gift items. Bring it into your omni-channel strategy.
  • Set free or reduced shipping campaigns in motion
  • Focus on gift items in your search marketing, including mobile.
  • Begin focusing your blog content on general shopping topics
  • Increase and target your eMail marketing without mentioning the holidays

Don’t be tempted to exchange holiday marketing for tacky Remembrance Day marketing. Instead, promote it with sincere messages of gratitude, quotes, historic images, and encouragement to wear a poppy. Boast about your Remembrance Day policy and your company’s pledge to wait until after November 11th to begin holiday-theme marketing. If you have an offline store, consider offering poppies at your location and make sure your staff are wearing them.

This is a warm, respectful way to begin the Canadian holiday season, and it may just give you a competitive advantage over those who are already in full holiday marketing mode.  Most importantly, it’s a chance for us to demonstrate our appreciation for the freedom to do business in Canada.

Following is an example graphic that you are free to use:

Respect Remembrance Day and Still Beat Online Holiday Shopping Deadlines

Lest we forget.

Will you be holding off on your festive marketing in Canada this year? Please share your traditions and policies in the comments below.

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Alline Marbury

Wonderful posts posted! Very interesting ideas. Good job!

Jonathan Nunez

There are many ways to market on this season, especially as you said “Consumers know they’re shopping for Christmas” which makes it a lot easier. IMO it’s all about presenting our products in the right way, providing high amounts of value and without being pushy, after all, they are already in the “buying mode”.

What I do, in affiliate marketing while promoting physical products is provide amazing value with an honest review, giving them all the information they might need to make a desition and purchase.

I don’t sell physical products myself, however, this has worked very well for me, what do you do to provide value and get the sale? I’d love to read about it 🙂

Have a great day.

Jonathan Nuñez

Lewis Pellerin

Finally someone who GETS IT! Nobody wants to hurt businesses or be picky. Even if it isn’t respect for Remembrance day we need a breather before jumping into falalalala. LOL


It’s that simple isn’t it? That shoppers already know they’re holiday shopping so we don’t really have to tell them! Brilliant in its simplicity!