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If you’re marketing to Canadian Moms, the social Web is where you should be, according to the “Canadian Digital Mom 2012 Report” published this month by Mom Central Consulting.  The survey indicates the most popular activity for online Canadian Moms is social networking and related online activities.

Online Canadian Mom Survey Highlights

Blog Activity of Canadian Moms

Expand your Social Web Horizons

Most Canadian Web businesses are now fully aware of the advantages of social network promotion, engagement, and monitoring social conversation with tools like Vancouver’s  Hootsuite.  Marketing to women is hardly a new concept either.  Probably the most underutilized outlet for social marketing to any demographic in Canada, is blog marketing.  Popular blogs help with branding and traffic, as well as offering link-building opportunities (guest posting, reviews, sponsored posts, etc.) for search engine optimization (SEO).

The most common mistake in that regard would have to be approaching only “Mommy blogs” for advertising or guest posting.  Moms are everywhere online and while they may enjoy reading a blog specifically about being a Mom, try thinking outside the box if you really want to reach this demographic.

Tip:  It’s important to remember that if a blogger happens to be a Mom, it doesn’t make her a “Mommy Blogger” any more than an accountant being a Mom makes her a “Mommy Accountant”.  Bloggers can be influential in general or they may have special insight because of their gender or role, but their influence is based on much more than their reproduction experience.

Forums, message boards and other online communities still offer a well-targeted opportunity to marketers, especially in specific niches (pets, working women, hobbies, and so on).  Many offer advertising options.  A lot of them also allow a link in your signature, which offers exposure, branding, and the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise.  Check their guidelines before advertising though, as many have strict rules about it.

Are you marketing to Canadian Moms?  What strategies are most effective for you?

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