Start Holiday Marketing Online While Respecting Remembrance Day

Most of us are aware of how Canadian consumers feel about beginning Christmas holiday promotions too early.  We do have a good reason for early promotion online, however, since our season ends earlier due to shipping.  While we can be forgiven for that, we still have an obligation to respect our fallen heroes, and those who continue to protect our country.  It’s because of them that we have the freedom to do business in Canada, after all.

If that isn’t reason enough for the more sales-focused among us, consider the mounting outrage of consumers calling for everyone to delay holiday decorating until after Remembrance Day.  Making consumers angry at you will not help your holiday sales.

But what is an online business to do?

We have to focus on holiday sales, not only due to our shortened sales season but also because Canadians are shopping earlier for the holidays.  A Deloitte survey found that 40% of Canadian consumers started their holiday shopping earlier in 2016.  That trend has continued as more people try to stretch their budget by ordering online.

We can target holiday shoppers without referring to the holidays or using holiday images.  Consumers know they’re shopping for Christmas, we don’t have to tell them that in our marketing.

  • Begin offering competitive deals and coupons for gift items
  • Activate free or reduced shipping campaigns
  • Focus on gifts in your search and social media marketing.  Starting early will provide the data you need to kick it into high gear after Remembrance Day. Make sure you have the latest tracking tools ready to go.
  • Tailor your blog content to general shopping topics.
  • Get your digital sales funnels and landing pages in place. Start by building them around online gift shopping without mentioning the holidays specifically. Thrive Themes Funnels is a budget-friendly tool for building highly profitable digital sales funnels. For WordPress, you can’t beat Thrive Architect for functionality and price.
  • Rev up your eMail marketing without mentioning the holidays. It’s a good time of year to invest in professional email marketing tools, such as Aweber.

If you really want to promote something, promote Remembrance Day.  Not with tacky sales, but with sincere messages of gratitude, quotes, historic images, and encouragement to wear a poppy.  Boast about your Remembrance Day policy and your company’s pledge to wait until after November 11th to begin holiday-theme marketing.  If you have an offline store, consider offering poppies at your location and make sure your staff is wearing them.  It’s a warm, respectful way to begin the Canadian holiday season, and it may just give you a competitive advantage over those who are already in full holiday marketing mode.

Please feel free to use the below graphic to declare your respect for Remembrance Day on your website, social media pages, etc.

Respect Remembrance Day and Still Beat Online Holiday Shopping Deadlines

Lest we forget.

How will you honour Remembrance Day?  Please share your traditions and policies in the comments below.

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The Internet can work against you if enough people decide they’re upset about something. Not only do vets deserve the respect but the people who think they do deserve consideration too. In my view.


Some stores are getting it but most never will. They just don’t care and that’s truly sad. I just want to thank you for trying.

Tianna Cyrus

BRAVO!!!!! THANK YOU for the poignant article & poster. I’ll share it over & over.

I actually get tears in my eyes when I think about how easily our veterans can be forgotten for profit. Both sides of my family are full of military personnel and let me tell you their sacrifices were many. I will NOT SHOP AT STORES THAT PUSH CHRISTMAS BEFORE REMEMBRANCE DAY!!! Show some respect or lose sales, that might teach them something about respect.