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Samsung HW-J355 Soundbar / Woofer Wows the Workplace on a Budget

Do your employees start to nod off during education sessions? Do your clients’ eyes glaze over halfway through your presentation? Is it tough to hear webinars?

If you’re looking for quality sound in the workplace or boardroom without breaking your budget, the Samsung HW-J355 Soundbar and Sub-woofer is a product you should seriously consider. We have found the quality is high enough to impress clients and keep staff enthralled. It adds vibrant sound to presentations, webinars and videos. All of this, while being affordable to small businesses or anyone who doesn’t want to install elaborate sound systems like ceiling speakers.

Discussion on The Disruptors (BNN) came through loud & clear.

What to Look for in a Workplace Sound System

The Samsung HW-J355 Soundbar and Sub-woofer delivers everything the average work space requires. It’s functionality is both diverse and user-friendly, something you will not find in elaborate boardroom sound systems.

What You Get With Your Samsung HW-J355 Soundbar and Sub-woofer

Note: Using the headphone jack on our TV resulted in a reduction in sound quality. That will vary by model.

If you’re looking for a compact, dynamic sound experience for the workplace under a couple of hundred dollars, I confidently recommend the Samsung HW-J355 Soundbar and Sub-woofer. I only wish we had a compatible Samsung TV to take full advantage of the wireless setup, instead of adding to our tangle of cords.

How much did we love it? Well, we’ve installed three of them in the past week. I think that says it all.

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