2024 Top 8 Shopify Drop Shipping Apps for Canadian Sellers

Drop shipping has become a very popular alternative to stocking inventory in Canada. From the smallest home business to huge retailers, drop shipping has helped businesses start, grow and expand domestically and globally.

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While dropshipping has been around for many years, it didn’t become a stable, reliable option until it was paired with ecommerce functionality. This functionality allowed drop shippers to integrate order fulfillment and sync inventories. Apps can now automate the setup and management of the entire supply chain and order fulfillment process, all through your chosen ecommerce platform. The most popular ecommerce platform for drop-shipped fulfillment is Shopify.

Can Canadian Online Retailers Use Dropshipping?

You’ll find Canadian drop shipping suppliers are limited in virtually every dropshipping app, because Canadian wholesalers are only beginning to tap into this method of fulfillment.

That leaves you with three choices:

  1. Try to find individual Canadian companies that dropship and can provide product feeds that work with your chosen ecommerce platform.
  2. Sell imported products to Canadians.
  3. Skip the Canadian market for now and sell to international markets via fulfillment centres located in that country.

Shopify is the best place for Canadian ecommerce and they boast more integration than most platforms. Dropshippers use apps to integrate with Shopify and automate the order process and inventory control.

Not only will you find virtually all dropshipping apps on Shopify, but you’ll also be one of the first to access new dropshipping apps. That’s even more important for Canadians because drop shipping is just beginning to grow in this country. More options will pop up as it catches on in Canada, because Shopify will be number one on their integration list.

Top 8 Shopify Dropshipping Apps for Canadians

Get started with two steps:

  1. The first step is to sign up for Canada’s Shopify ecommerce platform.
  2. Then, click the links below to research and add the apps that are right for you and your online store.

The following recommendations come from our own experience, community feedback, Shopify’s recommendations, and each app’s rating (4+/5) on the platform at the time of this writing. They all work with Canadian sellers who ship within Canada or in other global markets.

1. DropCommerce boasts 3-7 day, tracked shipping from high quality brands in US & Canada. Import products to Shopify in one click and enjoy automated fulfillment. See the actual suppliers & never wonder where your products come from. Orders are guaranteed or they’ll provide a refund.

2. Wholesale2B helps you find drop-shipped products to import to your Shopify store. They guarantee the lowest wholesale prices for drop shipping from 100+ verified suppliers in North America. Automate inventory & price updates in real-time. Order imports and tracking updates are also automated. If you don’t want to use Shopify, Wholesale2B has it’s own platform too.

3. CJ Dropshipping is a supplier and fulfillment service from China. They provide a number of services, including product sourcing, global warehousing, order processing and shipping. There’s a huge selection of products to choose from overall (including print-on-demand and white label products).

Their Canadian warehouse is just starting to pick up, but the domestic product selection is expected to increase soon. You can sell into any of the other countries through local warehouses to significantly reduce shipping time and cost. If you don’t want to use Shopify for your online store, CJ Dropshipping integrates with all of the major ecommerce platform providers.

4. Dripshipper not only ships coffee on behalf of your business, but you can brand the actual product too! Upload your own logo, choose the kind of coffee you want to offer, and customize your labels to sell white label coffee under your own brand directly to your customers. You can even offer a coffee subscription, so customers can get a fresh bag delivered as their previous supply runs dry. Whole beans are shipped from the US on the same day they’re roasted for optimum freshness.

5. Syncee facilitates global dropshipping from local suppliers, including the US & Canada. Find unique products and reliable suppliers in the Syncee Marketplace. Upload products into your store from any supplier’s CSV, XML, XLS(X), JSON or TXT file using the DataFeed Manager. Featuring auto product uploads & updates and integration with popular ecommerce platforms.

6. Printful Print-on-Demand (POD) allows you to order custom-designed products to dropship, or sell them direct online under your own brand. Customize over 250 products, including t-shirts and other clothing, décor, pet products, posters, phone cases and more. One of the most complete services available, with branding options like tear-away tags, stickers and inserts. Printful integrates with all major ecommerce platforms.

Canada is their second-largest market after the US. They recently opened their first fulfillment centre in Canada! They’ll start with their Direct-to-Garment (D2G) line, but expect to expand quickly to include more of their large product line.

7. Printify has a different fulfillment process that sets it apart. You can order from over 90 POD suppliers in Canada, China or the US, depending on where your customer is. The finished product is then shipped directly to your customer as usual, with your custom branding. Choose from over 250 different items, including T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, décor, stickers, and more. Limited free plan available. Printify can be used independently, if you’d prefer to skip Shopify.

8. Gelato provides access to a large network of printers and logistics options. They offer drop shipping through 100 global print partners across 30 countries (including Canada). Reach 5 billion potential customers with local printing and shipping. This resourceful network allows you to print your products closer to your customers, ensuring faster delivery.

What is your favourite Shopify drop shipping app? Please share your experience or questions in the comments below, or discuss it in the Online Business Canada Facebook group.

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Note: This article is updated annually.

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Can I use multiple apps//suppliers? On Shopify for drop shippers? I’ll sign up for the free trial and play around but I wonder if somebody already uses Shopify for drop shipping and knows the answer????


CJ was starting to pick up steam before the pandemic but slowed down. I also use wholesale 2b.



Thank you for this list! I will certainly click on a few of the options.

Can you use more than one drop shipper on Shopify? I am thinking of customer locations and how some drop shippers are better in certain counties, ie. China vs Canada.

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