Webmasters using “NoFollow” on ALL Links to Keep Google Happy

Many websites have recently lost their Google PR due to the alleged selling of links or excessive link trades.  Google often judges links without the “nofollow” tag as attempts to exploit their link popularity algorithm (even when it isn’t).   As a result, most webmasters who weren’t “no following” their links before, will now be […]

Use Rich Snippets to Boost Search Engine Click-Through Rates ©

Canadian Internet entrepreneurs can always use a boost in click-through rates from search engines.  In this post, Thomas McMahon shares his tips for using Rich Snippets to make your webpage stand out on search engine result pages so you can grab those clicks!  Make sure you don’t abuse this trick, however, or it may backfire […]

Should You Worry About Your Google Analytics Bounce Rates? ©

Several years ago, I almost had a coronary the first time I saw the bounce rate for a site I was administering through Google Analytics.  The metric sent me off on a research journey for clarification.  Just what was this bounce rate, and how dare it imply that visitors were leaving my home page almost […]