5 Statistics Reveal the Future of Online Marketing

5 Statistics Reveal the Future of Online Marketing

By Cassie Phillips Online marketing continues to change and develop rapidly, and there is always an exciting new development just around the corner. There are some thrilling new trends in digital marketing, and they are set to change the way marketers reach out to their target audiences. These are a few statistics that illustrate how […]

Canadian Retailers: Low Loonie Can Lure American Online Shoppers ©

The low Canadian dollar is such great news for businesses in this country, and online retailers are no exception. It encourages Canadians to shop at home instead of running to the US for everything, but the benefits don’t stop there. You now have a rare opportunity to lure American shoppers to your online store.

April Free Guide of the Month: Millennials as Brand Advocates

Each month we offer you a new free guide, report or whitepaper.  This month we bring you a report based on a study of hundreds of millennials, Millennials as Brand Advocates: What you need to know to engage the most important consumer generation. Millennials are considered to be the most important consumer generation marketers have […]

Free Blog Marketing Event – Pink Ninja Media ‘Have it Your Way’ Giveaway

FREE Blogger Marketing Opportunity! Pink Ninja Media will be giving away $200 in the Have it Your Way event to celebrate their launch. Bloggers get a free Blog and Facebook link if they publish an announcement post like this one. If you do not wish to publish an announcement post, you can pay $5 to […]

Canada’s HootSuite Top Social Media Tool for Top Brands [Infographic]

I prefer to manage social networks individually so I can tweak the post to grab the attention of the various personalities attracted to each.  I also like to avoid confusing social media cross-over, such as #hashtags in a Facebook post. I feel it’s good for my marketing mind to keep in touch with each network […]

The Elusive ROI of Social Media [Infographic] ©

Someone once said that trying to figure out the ROI (Return on Investment) of social media is like trying to figure out the ROI of the telephone.  We know it works for Canadian businesses and there are options suitable for any budget, so we don’t believe there’s any great need to put a number on […]