Test eCommerce Waters with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment by Amazon.ca is a relatively new option for Canadian sellers, having been launched at the end of 2012. You may have noticed “Fulfilled by Amazon” tagging some items within the massive sellers’ market, indicating the item will be sent from Amazon. The most important thing it tells shoppers is the item is included in Amazon’s free shipping offer for orders over $25.00. It also increases the trust level of shoppers who don’t have to rely on an unknown seller.

“Fulfillment by Amazon is a win-win for Canadian customers and businesses,” Steve Oliver, director of Amazon.ca, said in a press release. “Customers will benefit from an even greater selection of items with free shipping and a trusted experience, while businesses can take advantage of our world-class fulfillment services and focus their efforts on growing their business.”

Canadian small businesses have been slow to bring eCommerce options into their revenue strategy. They have indicated this is due in part to the massive undertaking it can be and what is perceived to be an overwhelming learning curve. Marketplaces like Amazon.ca offer the opportunity to dip a toe into eCommerce without diving in all at once. In fact, it has proven to be so easy and lucrative that a number of  businesses dive no deeper into eCommerce.  Many others base their entire business on the online seller market concept. It has also become a popular choice for product launches and market testing.

Another huge factor that discourages Canadian small businesses from tackling eCommerce is the outrageous shipping rates charged by Canada Post. Selling on Amazon.ca allows you to leverage their volume shipping deals, which more than covers the fees Amazon charges for the service.  The order usually reaches your customers faster than postal shipping as well.  You’ll also save on shipping supplies, inventory storage and customer support.

How it Works

Easily Test eCommerce Waters with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Once you’ve signed up for an account, using Fulfillment by Amazon couldn’t be easier:

  1. Send your product to Amazon.
  2. Amazon catalogues and stores your products.
  3. Consumers visit Amazon.ca and order your products.
  4. Amazon receives the order and packs your product for shipping along with any other products ordered.
  5. Amazon ships the order and provides customer support for the order.

Probably the biggest challenge with Fulfillment by Amazon is you are selling your product beside your competitors. However, the Internet presents this challenge anyway and the staggering number of consumers who will see your product easily trumps that concern.

Whether you’re new to eCommerce or already sell online, Fulfillment by Amazon offers many opportunities to easily boost your bottom line.

??? Have you sold products through Fulfillment by Amazon? Please share your review or questions in the comments below.

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There is a Facebook group for Canadians selling products FBA, titled “FBA for Canadians selling on Amazon”. Lots of good discussion and info there that I have found pretty helpful.


This opportunity gives me butterflies of excitement. Selling on Amazon could make me some serious money by the looks of it. Thanks for suggesting it.

Mary Ormsby

I started on EBAY then went to AMAZON. I did both for awhile but AMAZON is the clear winner once you get busy. We ran 2 trials with them for products before adding them to our site too. See you there!


I’ve always been curious about selling on Amazon but to be honest I find it a little intimidating. I’ll have a stronger presence on the web soon and take it from there. I’m hoping to hire someone with this level of knowledge so I can take advantage of everything the web has to offer instead of just having a website built. That’s why I follow along here! 🙂


I love Amazon, it made launching our new products so much easier and you’re right it’s good for testing demand. It was really the only way to make shipping affordable for our bulky products too.


Both myself and one of my best friends make our living buying wholesale and selling in online markets like Amazon. In less than 4 years we determined Amazon would be our big earner and they haven’t disappointed us. Good for you for writing this to help other Canadians. You did a great job.