Thank You for the Freedom to do Business and Blog

Yesterday, I read a disturbing article about an Iranian blogger, Sattar Beheshti.  He was arrested for blogging about human rights, specifically torture. His body was released on Wednesday and sources suspect he was tortured to death.

His brutal death at the hands of authorities was a sober reminder of how fortunate we are to have the freedom to blog and do business in Canada.  Not only do we have freedom of speech, but we also enjoy other freedoms that others do not, such as the right of women to do business and express their opinions, and the right to uncensored Internet access.  We also don’t have to sacrifice our soul to a corrupt government to have a successful business.

For this, and so much more, I thank those who fought and sacrificed so I can enjoy freedom every day.  Their bravery amplifies the cowardice of governments that don’t allow such freedom to their people.  Thank you also to Mr. Beheshti, for reminding me that it is brave people like him who pave the road to human rights … and the battle is not yet won everywhere.

We have designed a graphic to honour those who fought for this great country, and to remind Canadian business owners that our rights are also a privilege.  Please feel free to share it on your website or on social media.

Thank you for the Freedom to do Business in Canada (Remembrance Day)

News Source: Chicago Tribune

3 Responses to "Thank You for the Freedom to do Business and Blog"

  1. Verna  November 12, 2012

    Thanks for reminding me how lucky we are.

  2. Michael  November 11, 2012

    I can’t believe such injustice is still going on in the world. Canada needs to fight harder for human rights all over the world. Thank you Vets!

  3. Tim  November 10, 2012

    Well said!


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