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Most successful Internet entrepreneurs (netpreneurs or netrepreneurs) in Canada and around the world, share the same New Year’s resolution every year: Increase our online business and marketing knowledge for a healthier bottom line. Netrepreneurs must be in a perpetual state of evolution to keep up with the ever-changing Internet and the people who purchase through it. Those who have made it their New Year’s resolution to start an online business have that much more to learn.

I love to build my knowledge and I firmly believe a good book provides a much more complete picture than most websites. When it comes to Internet business, eCommerce and online marketing, buying the most current releases is crucial to avoid outdated information. One of my favorite pastimes is looking for Web business books that are available for pre-ordering, so I’m sure to get the information hot off the presses. Checking every six months or so ensures that I won’t miss anything.

Searching for Future Book Releases

Amazon makes it very easy to search for upcoming book releases:

1. Select ‘Books’ to the left of the search bar, then type in your search term.

2. Select ‘Publication Date’ from the ‘Sort By’ drop down menu on the far right, above your search results.

The book results will automatically be in order of publication date, beginning with release dates furthest in the future.

I do understand that not everyone is an info geek who enjoys searching for literary genius.  Therefore, I’m sharing my Amazon list of pre-ordered books about doing business online with my Canadian business cronies (that’s you). If you don’t want to pre-order them you can still save them to your shopping cart or ‘Wish List’ and then order when they’ve been released, or print the information with the ISBN number to purchase the book offline.

The Most Anticipated Internet Business Book Releases of 2013

Having been in online business for 15 years, I’ve become pretty good at picking out the winners. My choices are based on my own knowledge, internet buzz, the author, or all of the above. I’ve actually pre-ordered every book on this list, except for the two beginner books (identified as such below).

The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue, by Shama Kabani, is a book I read in its first edition and was so impressed that I’m excited about the new third edition. It was the first book to provide the in-depth information I craved about social media (from Facebook to Groupon) and social content creation. The author also guides us through practical applications of the knowledge.
Release Date: January, 2013.

You Should Test That: Conversion Optimization for More Leads, Sales and Profit or The Art and Science of Optimized Marketing, by Chris Goward, covers the website sales conversion optimization tactics used by Fortune 500 companies.
Release Date: January 2013.

Leading the Learning Revolution: The Expert’s Guide to Capitalizing on the Exploding Lifelong Education Market, by Jeff Cobb, will be of special interest to infopreneurs (entrepreneurs who write eBooks, eCourses, etc), speakers, consultants and other educators.
Release Date: January, 2013.

The Science of Marketing: When to Tweet, What to Post, How to Blog, and Other Proven Strategies, by Dan Zarrella, brings us detailed marketing strategies based on real data rather than fluffy theories.
Release Date: February, 2013.

Web Copy That Sells: The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy That Grabs Their Attention and Compels Them to Buy, is the 3rd revised edition of this book by Maria Veloso. I read the first edition several years ago and I’m looking forward to reading the latest update.
Release Date: February, 2013.

The Routledge Companion to Digital Consumption, edited by Russell W. Belk and Rosa Llamas, is a textbook that snagged my interest because it offers a new perspective on a large segment of online shoppers. We are now marketing to people who were born in the digital age and it takes a different perspective to grab them. It’s a lucrative, large group that doesn’t hesitate to buy online, and this book helps to ensure they buy from us through a better understanding of their unique consumer behaviour. The investment should more than pay for itself, but you may find it used for less in a year or so if it isn’t in your budget.
Release Date: February, 2013.

Inbound Marketing and SEO: Insights from the Moz Blog, by Rand Fishkin and Thomas Genhaven, is an anthology plus new material about diversified marketing through a wide range of channels.
Release Date: March, 2013.

Social Media Intelligence: Extracting Knowledge from the Fire Hose of Conversations, by Sally Falkow, focuses on how entrepreneurs, marketers, advertising specialists, and PR professionals can utilize social media data for a competitive advantage.
Release Date: March, 2013.

Ultimate Guide to Link Building: How to Build Backlinks, Authority and Credibility for Your Website, and Increase Click Traffic and Search Ranking, By the “Link Moses” himself, Eric Ward. This book promises to help us create and execute effective linking strategies, as the author has done for many big names since 1993.
Release Date: April, 2013.

Present Yourself: Using SlideShare to Grow Your Business, by Kit Seeborg and Andrea Meyer, will help me fulfill one of my New Year’s resolutions to utilize SlideShare to its full potential.
Release Date: April, 2013.

Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business, by Karen Leland, should prove to be an invaluable guide to Pinterest profits. “With 4,000 percent growth in just six months, 17 million users, and a record for more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined, Pinterest delivers an unbelievable opportunity for marketers . . . if they know how to effectively use it.”
Release Date: May, 2013.

Wholesale 101, by Jason Prescott, is a guide to product sourcing for entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Release Date: May, 2013.

The Most Anticipated Internet Business Book Releases of 2013 for Beginners

There are two ‘For Dummies’ books coming out in 2013 about making money online that will take beginners from start to finish. I don’t have these on pre-order, but I have every confidence that the ‘For Dummies’ series will provide a comprehensive book for those who need a complete guide.

eBay Business All-in-One For Dummies, by Marsha Collier.
Release Date: March, 2013.

Starting an Online Business For Dummies, by Greg Holden.
Release Date: June, 2013.

I’ll write another post for the second half of 2013, once enough books become available for pre-order.

Please let us know in the comments below which books have you waiting on the edge of your seat!


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