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There are thousands of affiliate (partner) programs available to Canadian website owners and bloggers, which makes it difficult to select a few to focus on. We all want to choose the most lucrative offers but it’s hard to say which ones will be successful. Some may pay less but convert more, or vice versa. The final outcome will depend on how well the program is matched to your website visitors and how good you are at affiliate marketing in general.

You will also want to consider seasonal shopping, which starts earlier online to allow for shipping time. “Seasonal” can be anything from calendar holidays to actual seasons, such as promoting school supplies and wedding affiliates during the Summer months, and tropical destination travel in Winter. Additionally, if your target market includes Canadians you’ll need merchants that are based in Canada or ship to / serve Canada (all of the merchants listed below fall into these categories).

A little inside info can go a long way in affiliate marketing. I manage several websites and blogs, a number of which participate in affiliate programs to generate revenue. There is a broad range of sectors covered between them, making this compilation beneficial for most affiliate marketers. I’ve ranked them according to the amount they brought in for each individual website, and combined totals when multiple sites earned from the same merchant. I’ll be doing this for you every month or so in the hopes of saving you some time, and ultimately increasing your income.

Bonus: With the Canadian dollar being so low, if you promote American programs you can automatically add about 20% to your commission.

Top 10 Earning Affiliate Programs for August, 2016

Our top performing affiliate programs for August in Canada had “back to school” written all over them. Our big surprise was the early interest in Halloween.

1. Shopify Canada – With so many Canadian businesses and individuals starting to sell online (often with little or no experience), an “out of the box” eCommerce platform is appreciated. This software is Canadian and rich in features for everyone from the individual seller to large businesses. Many plug-ins are available to enhance functionality, such as drop shipping and a WordPress shopping cart.  Shopify pays 200% per sale, which can be up to $2400 (although I’ve yet to see anything close to that from one sale).

2. CreativeLive – Promote online classes taught by experts in photo, video, art, design, audio, craft, money and life. Earn 20% commission on new customer purchases, 10% on return customer purchases and $1/lead for every new member registration.

3. Template Monster – 46,000+ Website and eCommerce templates for everything imaginable, including HTML, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, Magento, Moto, WooCommerce and many more. Their affiliate program pays 30-50%.

4. Performance-Based Affiliate Network – Focuses on environmentally-friendly “Eco” merchants. Includes a “Ships to Canada” section to make it easy for Canadian affiliate marketers to find links. Their commission rate is 50% per sale.

5. Share-a-Sale Affiliate Network Referral Program – Pays $150 for each merchant you refer to their performance-based (affiliate) marketing network.

6. Pet Wellbeing Inc. – With a shipping location in Canada, Pet Wellbeing does quite well on both sides of the border. Earn 10% of sales of natural pet health and wellness products.

7. Newegg Canada – A popular Canadian site for consumer electronics, Newegg’s conversion rates and more expensive products offset their low commission rate of 0.5-5%. Free ground shipping and a price-match guarantee can really help to boost sales. Back to school sales of computers and other school supplies resulted in Newegg’s climb in rank in August. It should continue to perform well throughout the holiday season.

8. MaxBounty – This affiliate network is based in Canada. They have a somewhat unique collection of merchants and many pay higher commissions than your average affiliate program. They offer CPA (Cost per Action), CPS (Cost per Sale), phone and mobile programs. Max Bounty was the top CPA network in Revenue Performance Magazine’s 2016 ranking.

9. McGraw-Hill Education pays 8% of program sales.  Commissions can add up quickly since their prices start at over a hundred dollars for individuals, and can be several hundred dollars for professional curriculum products.

10. Halloween Costumes – Interest in Halloween is picking up early as people want to make sure their costume won’t be sold out. Halloween Costumes has one of the best selections online for people and pets.

What was your top affiliate marketing earner for August? Please share your success or questions in the comments below.

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Cassandra Fenyk

I am looking for a place that can teach me step by step. I am trying to get into affiliate marketing but have very little knowledge of posting affiliate links on my site. You gave a lot of good information. I’ll come back hoping to get more articles about affiliate marketing.

John Constanza

Nice insights! A worth to read. It is very helpful for my affiliate blogs. Thanks for sharing.

Candace Snow

Thanks for some new ones I didn’t know about. I’m trying to get away from Amazon to make decent commissions.

Sonny Burke

Fantastic idea! Thanks for being so open about where your affiliate income is coming from, it really does help other affiliates even if they’re experienced.