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The Top 8 Pages to Optimize on B2B Websites

Business to Business (B2B) marketing is challenging.  As Canadian businesses bring their companies online, many struggle to reach their business target market on the Internet.  That makes each and every website visit a precious accomplishment.  The last thing we want to do is lose these elusive buyers to a bad website experience.

In a new benchmark report from Ascend Marketing and Jackson Marketing Group, B2B marketers ranked the most important website pages they optimized in the past year.   This peek into the strategies of expert marketers can guide us in optimizing our own websites for the unique B2B buying cycle.

Marketers say the most important B2B website pages to optimize are:

  1. Website Homepage (57%)
  2. Product or Solutions Pages (47%)
  3. Lead Registration Forms (30%)
  4. Content Download Landing Pages (28%)
  5. Company Pages (27%)
  6. Paid Search Listing Landing Pages (12%)
  7. Promotional or Trial Offer Pages (12%)
  8. Cart and Payment Process (12%)

“There is a great deal of opportunity for B2B companies to grow their effectiveness as lead generation engines,” the report states. “Particularly as 93% of B2B purchase decision makers say they research their purchases online.”

Which website pages do you focus on when testing and optimizing? Please share your experience or questions in the comments below.


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