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Online networking holds a lot of promise, especially in a country with a population as spread out as Canada’s is. It isn’t easy to find our online Canadian business peers, however, especially in specific niches or local areas. LinkedIn Groups provide an opportunity to reach out across our great country and connect in ways that were never possible before.

Digging through hundreds of groups on LinkedIn can also be challenging, especially now that LinkedIn got the crazy idea to seriously limit searching on free accounts. Probably the most important thing to keep in mind is having a lot of members doesn’t necessarily make for a great group. You should consider how active the group is and how much discussion there is, which isn’t necessarily the same thing. A group may have lots of new discussions, for example, but the majority of those posts may link to member websites.

LinkedIn does allow you to search for keywords, such as “Canadian business”. On the search results page, select “Groups” from the menu. There is little logic in the order of the results, which necessitates viewing all pages of results to find a few groups you want to join. Choose wisely because LinkedIn is much more restricted than other networks, with a limit of 50 groups you can join.  Hopefully they’ll reconsider their limit in the future.

We’ve gathered up a selection of the most popular Canadian business LinkedIn Groups for you and listed them below. We’ve focused on the business needs of Canadians seeking national or local networking, news, information, discussion and fellowship. There are many more Canadian niche groups on LinkedIn for you to discover when you have time to wade through search results.  Join niche groups that attract your target market to round out your LinkedIn Group marketing strategy.

Canadian Business Groups on LinkedIn

Go Small Business Canada is a group for professionals who are small business minded and understand the power and value of networking to grow their business.

Brand Executives of Canada is a professional networking group created for executives that represent brands in the consumer packaged goods industry.

Business Women in International Trade provides advice, products and services tailored specifically for Canadian business women wanting to access international markets, as part of Global Affairs Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service.

Canadian Business Strategy Association is a not-for-profit professional association which is dedicated to uniting Canadian business strategists to facilitate the advancement of the business strategy profession.

Retail Council of Canada has been the voice of retail in Canada since 1963. Their LinkedIn community encourages discussion on all topics related to retail business in Canada.

RAC Canada (Retail Advertising and Marketing Canada) provides the retail industry with a forum to exchange ideas on the topics impacting marketing and advertising in the retail sector.

eTail Canada welcomes you to network with eCommerce and Marketing executives from Canadian retailers, who are facing the same challenges as you.

Canadian Retailers and Vendors offers networking and career opportunities, as well as discussion about emerging trends and ideas.

eCommerce Canada is a LinkedIn group for entrepreneurs and professionals in Canadian e-commerce looking to improve performance.

eCommerce Professionals Canada encourages their LinkedIn group members to break the status quo, bounce ideas, demonstrate your opinions, cause intrigue, and utilize like-minded professionals to excel.

Startup Canada is a grassroots, entrepreneur-led, national non-profit organization with a mission to enhance Canada’s competitiveness and prosperity by advancing Canadian entrepreneurship.

Canadian Young Professionals is a community of young executives, professionals and entrepreneurs across Canada.

Marketing Canada is an online networking community for Canadian professionals in marketing, PR, advertising, and communications.

Social Media Marketing Canada invites you to learn more and discuss how social media is affecting the world of marketing in Canada.

Cost Per Action (CPA) Advertising / Affiliate Marketing in Canada group facilitates discussions about Cost Per Action (CPA) Advertising (paying and getting paid for online ads only when a desirable action, such as a lead or a sale, occurs).

The Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) is Canada’s premier public relations professional association, represented by thousands of practitioners and 14 local member societies across Canada.

Canadian Veterans in Business facilitates discussion about how those who have served in the Canadian military can contribute to the civilian world of business.

Go Small Business Canada is a group for professionals who are small business minded and understand the power and value of networking to grow their business.

eWomenNetwork Canada is a community of women entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Kazooga helps Canadian business owners and brokers expose their ‘businesses-for-sale’ to entrepreneurs looking to purchase.

Regional Canadian Business Groups on LinkedIn

BC Business focuses on business in British Columbia. Discussions also include national and general business topics.

BC Tech Association group is about sharing industry information and sparking discussions.

Vancouver Enterprise Forum is a not-for-profit BC society established to advance technology entrepreneurship through networking and education.

Vancouver Digital Marketing is a group for Vancouver-based digital marketing professionals to share ideas, ask and answer questions, and grow their local network.

Forum for Women Entrepreneurs BC strives to mentor and educate women entrepreneurs and connect with the business community to help facilitate the growth of member businesses.

Calgary Business Group encourages learning and networking for leads and referrals, online and offline.

Linking Calgary is a business and general networking group for all those who live in Calgary or have lived in Calgary.

Linking Saskatchewan is a business networking group for those who live (or have lived) in Saskatchewan.

Today’s Executive Network (TEN) provides an opportunity to ask questions and host discussions relevant to those doing business in or from Manitoba.

Newfoundland & Labrador Business Commerce Trade Networking provides a platform for Newfoundland & Labrador professionals to promote their business, network, share information, exchange ideas, collaborate, discuss key industry issues, best practices and other topics related to having a business and working in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Nova Scotia Business Inc. shares Nova Scotia business news and opportunities to foster the innovative spirit behind successful companies.

New Brunswick Business Group encourages the exchange of ideas, leads and deals to promote business development in New Brunswick.

Business Prince Edward Island acts as a facilitator to generate business opportunities in PEI.

Halifax Chamber of Commerce LinkedIn Group encourages members to post discussions, event notices, or job offers and make connections.

Nunavut, Yukon & Northwest Territories Business Commerce Trade Networking Group is a platform of northern business professionals to build relationships, promote their business, network, share information, collaborate, discuss key industry issues, best practices and subjects related to having a business and working in Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

Alberta Venture magazine’s LinkedIn group is for business professionals in Alberta.

Alberta Women Entrepreneurs is a not-for-profit organization that provides a range of tools to help women across Alberta succeed in business.

Networking in Northern Ontario  is for anyone who does business in Northern Ontario.

Small Business Community Network (SBCN) provides group support for small enterprises facing business challenges in South Western Ontario.

Toronto Marketing Community is a LinkedIn group for people working in the Toronto marketing, advertising, interactive and communications industry.

London Linked is a networking group for professionals in and around London, Ontario who would like to get connected for business purposes.

Kitchener-Waterloo Entrepreneurs is a group of entrepreneurs who are seeking out other entrepreneurs for business advice, possible partnerships and collaboration on various ventures.

We’ll update this list periodically, so keep an eye on our newsletter, social media and the Online Business Canada Facebook Group.

Did we miss your favourite Canadian LinkedIn business group? Please share the link in the comments below.

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Oli Livingston

Linkedin could do alot more with their groups. I have a feeling they’ll drop them all together one day but maybe not. Groups are so critical to engagement and professional collaboration but maybe I’m old school. 🙂 🙂

Adam Abbot

Great! Thanks for adding Networking in Northern Ontario here.

Miriam Lopez-Arbour

Hi, Thank you so much for including the Business Women in International Trade (BWIT) program among this useful LI groups. We are honored. Would you kindly update the link to this one:
Thank you very much.


Thanks Melody. Can you post the link for your linkedinprofile please?


You must be very well connected, good job.


I’ve looked for Canadian groups before but I only found a couple. This is an awesome help.

Susan R.

It’s not business specifically but I enjoy the Canadian public relations society LI group.
Thanks for the other groups!

Colin McKillop

Melody McKinnon

You missed one LINKED IN GROUP — CUSBA – Canada U.S. Business Association.

Hopefully, you will consider joining and promoting the organization which serves a membership in Canada and the US.




I won’t get any work done today! Thank you for this effort. Like you said it’s hard to find Canadian groups. Once you join a few you can find more by asking the group for their favourites.