Our Top Earning Affiliate Programs of 2014

Canadian marketers and entrepreneurs embraced affiliate marketing for a number of reasons in 2014. Some are primarily affiliate marketers who use a wide variety of techniques to earn by selling other businesses’ products or services. Others are bloggers who are trying to monetize their blog through affiliate commissions. Those who develop info products (online courses, eBooks, etc.) often promote their favourite tools and resources using affiliate links as well. There are also online businesses with their own products who promote related businesses to supplement their bottom line.

With millions of affiliate programs available to Canadian entrepreneurs and bloggers, it’s difficult to decide which ones will make the most money for you.

You’ll find some pay a high commission but will be harder to sell, or they pay a small percentage but sales are steady. The best way to predict the success of any affiliate program is to know your audience. Long-term success will be ensured with consistent effort, constant testing, and perpetual learning.

When all is said and done, it never hurts to learn from the experience of others. I’ve been affiliate marketing in one form or another since the 90’s and I currently manage several websites and blogs, a number of which participate in affiliate programs to generate revenue. The sectors vary, which makes for a varied compilation that should be helpful to most of you.

The following top affiliate programs for 2014 are ranked according to the income they brought in for each individual website. If more than one website had sales from the same merchant, the totals were combined.

Top Affiliate Network for 2014

I belong to many independent affiliate programs and lots of affiliate networks. My best performing affiliate network (by a mile) is Share-A-Sale. I choose to work with them most because they’re reliable, have a great selection of programs to choose from (including Canadian companies), and they offer the option to auto-deposit commissions to Canadian bank accounts.

Top 10 Earning Affiliate Programs for 2014

1. Pet Wellbeing Inc. – Earn 15% of sales of natural pet health and wellness products.Top Earning Affiliate Programs 2014

2. Wholesale2B – The majority of our drop shippers choose to work with Wholesale2B. They have several plans that facilitate selling over 1.5 million products on eBay, Amazon, Google, or through a website (your own or through a turnkey website). They ship to most of the World, including Canada, the US and the UK. The free trial reduces the number of cancellations/refunds.

3. Native Remedies and Pet Alive – One of the top websites for natural health products for pets & humans. Earn 25%/sale (including phone sales).

4. India Herbs – Natural medicine sells, and this program pays 40%/sale.

5. My App Builder – This company allows people to easily build their own iPhone/iPod Touch applications. Affiliates earn 50% of sales.

6. Worldwide Brands – A BBB A+ makes Worldwide Brands easy to promote to the growing masses interested in drop shipping. They offer lifetime access to upwards of 10,000 wholesale companies and drop shippers. Earn 25% of each membership sold.

7. Points.com – Probably the most popular point site online today.  Earn 2.50% – 10% per sale and $0.25/lead.

8. Blueprint Pro for Online Business – The Blueprint Pro guides people to success in eCommerce or any online selling.  It’s a big seller as Canadians get more into selling online. It pays a generous 50% commission.

9. Hire Writers – Low-priced content writing service. Offers $20 per client you refer who makes a deposit and one cent/lead.

10. Hewlett-Packard (HP) Canada – Regular discounts and free shipping deals on office products that most businesses and individuals need. At 2% of sales, you’ll want to focus on HP’s big ticket items like laptops.


  • Free, extensive affiliate training and affiliate marketing tools can be had through the masterminds at Affilorama.
  • Free affiliate marketing courses, community and more from The Wealthy Affiliate.

What was your top earner in 2014? Please share your success in the comments below.

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I prefer knowing how much is made but I guess it really doesn’t matter since everyone would be different anyway. Thanks alot for being willing to share your personal successes.

Nadine Winnipeg

I’ve done pretty good with just a blog & email list so I’m going to expand this year. I’d like to try drop-shipping to. It’s like there are all of these opportunities online but it takes time to get them going so people give up.


Wow this is great! Thanks for sharing your 2014 successes & I wish you many more in the new year!

Chang Canterbury

very interesting info ! .


i love shareasale 2. most money I make comes from them. I think some rip you off.