Top New Year’s Resolutions Bring Online Sales Opportunities

Everyone is hyper-focused on the fourth quarter, as they fight hard to stay in the black for the year. That focus and drive seems to fizzle out in the first quarter, as retailers try to catch their breath and tackle the year ahead (usually beginning with Valentine’s Day).

January brings several opportunities to increase sales, however, and they can get your year off to a profitable start. One of the biggest opportunities comes with New Year’s resolutions. In fact, over 11 million Canadians make New Year’s resolutions every year (usually more than one), and they’re willing to spend money to keep them.

Virtually any niche can find a way to tie their products or services into one of the top resolutions within their target market. Some resolutions can be combined, such as fitness goals & saving money.

Content marketing in all its forms has proven to be the best way reach and convert this hopeful group. We’ll get into some content tips below but first, check out the top new year’s resolutions in Canada, the UK and the USA.

Top New Year’s Resolutions in Canada

  1. Exercise more (51%)
  2. Save money (49%)
  3. Eat healthier (48%)
  4. Lose weight (42%) Women (51%) and Men (30%)
  5. Reduce stress (35%)
  6. Stick to a budget (33%)
  7. Get more sleep (29%)
  8. Improve relationships and spend more time with family (28%)
  9. Learn a new skill (26%)
  10. Spiritual growth (23%)

Top New Year's Resolutions for Canadians Infographic

As Canadian businesses begin to sell in international markets, they need to keep an eye on consumer behaviour in individual countries outside of Canada. Following are the most common New Year’s resolutions for the UK and USA, in case you’re targeting those countries.

Top New Year’s Resolutions in the UK

  1. Lose weight
  2. Eat healthier / change diet
  3. Get fit / Exercise
  4. Spend more time with family & friends
  5. Be more aware and take care of mental health
  6. Sort out finances and reduce spending
  7. Travel more
  8. Try a new hobby, sport or other interest
  9. Be more environmentally-friendly
  10. Get a new job

Top New Year’s Resolutions in the USA

  1. Exercise more (35%)
  2. Save money (44%)
  3. Pay off debt (27%)
  4. Lose weight (30%)
  5. Spend more time with family (28%)
  6. Travel (19%)
  7. Reduce stress (22%)

Remember these resolutions are chosen from a list within a survey. It’s by no means comprehensive. Make your own list of the most common resolutions, specifically within your target market. Your customer avatar will guide you in this exercise.

Help Them Achieve Their Goals

Whether you’re selling your own products or affiliate marketing, content that helps people reach their goals is a powerful way to make a sale online. At no time is that more true than in the new year. Start with these general tips and bring in your own ideas based on your niche, ideal customer and related data.

  • Publish success stories and case studies.
  • Product reviews & comparisons can be very helpful when consumers are researching.
  • Related news about your products, be it your own news or media coverage.
  • Solve problems associated with specific New Year’s resolutions. Helpful, branded apps can keep visitors coming back, for example.  Articles might include “Healthy Meals on a Budget” or “How to Find Time to Take an Online Course,” and so on.
  • Offer goal-focused checklists.
  • Quizzes and other interactive content engages visitors, plus you can learn more about them.
  • Infographics or memes for sharing on social networks. Infographics can also be used for tips, instructions or data.
  • Video content can bring in a huge number of new visitors and repeat buyers, be it on your website, YouTube channel, or video ads on social media. Make these videos especially motivational.
  • Launch a helpful info-product like a whitepaper or ebook. Double the impact by offering it as a free download when people sign up for your mailing list.
  • Submit guest posts to sites that attract your target market without competing with you. Again, solving their problems is the most effective angle, but brainstorm ways to bring your product or service into the solution. Check out our list of Popular Canadian Blogs to help you get started.

How are you marketing to consumers who make New Year’s resolutions? Please comment below or join us in the Online Business Canada Facebook group.


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