A 2013 global survey from Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange indicates Canadians who have shared content in the past month, did so for a variety of reasons.  The statistics were collected by Ipsos Global @dvisor as part of Sociologue, an ongoing publication that features conversation-starting commentary on social media trends and behavior.

The top 11 reasons Canadian participants gave for sharing content on social media included:
Canadian Online Behaviour for Businesses

  1. 65% want to share interesting things
  2. 51% want to share humour
  3. 42% want to share important things
  4. 33% like to share unique content
  5. 32% want to let others know what they believe in and who they really are
  6. 32% share to show their support for a belief, charity or organization
  7. 28% want to let others know what they’re doing
  8. 27% share to recommend a product or service
  9. 26% want to start a conversation
  10. 9% share for other reasons
  11. 7% want to show they’re in the know

These statistics can be used by online marketers to increase sharing via social media, thereby increasing exposure and search engine ranking. Virtually any business can find ways to share humour and interesting information related to their brand topic and sector.  If your market is Canada, grab their attention with a Canadian twist.

Sponsoring charitable events and promoting them via social media is a direct way to increase social sharing, but you can be more creative than that.  Try designing digital posters or share sincere posts that support a charitable event, such as food drives or Heart & Stroke Month.  The more creative and heartfelt the message, the more likely it will be shared on social media.  If your blogger/social media manager has  design skills like ours does, attractive charitable images that people love to share won’t be a problem.  Here’s an example:

Why Canadians Share Content on Social Media Statistics

Your brand still gains exposure and the shares count in search engine ranking. You’ll also be helping others, which we believe is the social responsibility of every company.  Free promotion is every bit as valuable to charities as monetary donations.  Make sure your branding is subtle, however.  Public service messages that appear to be more about promoting your business than helping the charity will make your brand appear selfish rather than charitable.

It has also been statistically demonstrated that social media users prefer to share pictures over text.  When you’re sharing a new product, service, contest, coupon, etc., include a quality image to illustrate it.  In this age of social photo sharing on both traditional social media networks and those focused on image sharing like Pinterest, it has become necessary to illustrate your content.

If there’s one thing social media lacks in Canada, it’s creativity.  If you focus on being unique, innovative and creative in your social marketing while still catering to social media user preferences, you’ll enjoy much more success.

What type of social media posts have you had the most success with?  Please share your tips or questions in the comments below.

Ipsos: Global “Sharers” on Social Media Sites Seek to Share Interesting (61%), Important (43%) and Funny (43%) Things

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I’m so happy to know Canadians haven’t given up on Halloween. It’s such a fun day and I love seeing the kids dressed up.

Jade Hansen

Our business has increased by at least 25% since we started using social media. Maybe our business is more suitable for it than others (pets) but I can’t imagine how everyone wouldn’t get some benefits.


Social media has been the core of our online business for a couple of years. Engagement can’t be overemphasized. Thanks for the info & keep up the great work.


Excellent tips & insights! Canada loves social media and there’s a ton of opportunity there.