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I spend a lot of time reading Canadian business news, especially when it’s relevant to online entrepreneurs. The digital world is in a perpetual state of evolution, so it’s important to keep an eye on what’s new and trending.

Most of the broader news networks pay little attention to online business and digital marketing, oddly enough. However, you may be able to find more if you visit their tech section, along with their designated business section. Other Canadian business news sites are more focused on a niche within the world of online business or tech, which can result in more in-depth, focused reporting.

Top Canadian Business News Sites

Following are the Canadian business news sites that I find most useful. I usually visit them all at least once per week. Click on the site names to check them out.

BC Business Magazine
Covering both BC business news and national news makes BC Business a valuable source of Canadian business information. Their business awards lists are a source of inspiration, leads and competitive intelligence.

BNN Bloomberg Canada
BNN covers Canadian finance, which encompasses a surprisingly broad number of business topics. There is lots of video on BNN, along with text content.

Canadian Business Magazine
The online presence of Canadian Business magazine sticks to the magazine style of news and info presentation. You’ll get national business news and useful tips.

CBC Business News
CBC covers a broad range of Canadian business news. They run some entrepreneur features and cover tech as a whole. They have a great selection of both articles and video content.

CTV Business News
There are plenty of business articles and video content on the CTV site. I find more content applicable to online business in the Sci-Tech section.

Financial Post
Primarily news from a business finance angle, with some business advice scattered throughout.
Information Technology (IT) is a broad term applied to business tech. covers a full range of topics under that umbrella, often from a Canadian perspective. They offer a range of media, including articles, videos and podcasts.

As the name implies, this site revolves around mobile devices. They cover both business and consumer topics within the mobile niche.

Online Business Canada News
We post relevant press releases, reports, guest posts and a CNW feed customized to bring in Canadian online business news. Our newsletter includes Canadian business news headlines from around the internet to keep you informed.

Retail Insider
Online and offline retail can operate independently, but there’s more and more crossover and integration in today’s marketplace. Retail Insider does a fabulous job covering Canadian retail in general, enhanced by news & tips for digital transformation, ecommerce and sales strategies. They offer articles, videos, podcasts and a newsletter.

Star Business
Most provincial newspaper sites focus on local content and use feeds/syndication for Canada-wide business news. Consequently, many will share the same stories at the national level and don’t offer much originality for national readers. The Star does an exceptional job on both Ontario business/tech news and national business news, making it worth a visit for most of us.

Strategy Online
Strategy Magazine’s digital presence covers a range of business topics for Canadians, from marketing to funding.

Yahoo Canada Business & Finance
While it can be a bit of a rabbit hole and is saturated with advertising, Yahoo Canada is very good at finding every single bit of Canadian PR releases and publishing them in record time.

YYC (Calgary) Business Magazine
YYC Business Magazine brings the magazine format onto their website, covering both news and helpful articles for entrepreneurs.

You can also subscribe to The Globe & Mail to access their Canadian and global business news on their website. They’ll let you access a couple of articles without a subscription. Incidentally, you may be able to deduct the cost of business news subscriptions.

What is your favourite website for Canadian business news? Please share in the comments below or join us in the Online Business Canada Facebook group.

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