Top Two-Tier Affiliate Programs for Canadians

Affiliate (associate) programs provide a way for anyone with a website, blog and/or newsletter to generate revenue from selling a merchant’s products or services. Canadians may use these programs as a primary or supplemental source of income, whether they are an individual or large company. Getting started is as easy as signing up and publishing your affiliate link.

Multi-tier affiliate programs basically work the same as multi-level marketing (MLM), but it’s legal and doesn’t involve the same legwork (parties, demonstrations, and so on). Plus, people don’t run in the other direction when you mention it ;-). You sign up for the affiliate program like you would for any other and make a specified amount per sale as usual. If other affiliate marketers sign up through your referral link as a sub-affiliate, you also get a percentage of their sales. Most are two-tier, but some continue on for several levels for which you’ll also earn a percentage of sales.

Canadian Business Affiliate Commission Structure
Tier 1 15% of your direct (level one) sales
Tier 2 10% of your level one sub-affiliates’ sales
Tier 3 6% of your level two sub-affiliates’ sales

A good two-tier affiliate program is tough to find these days and multi-tier programs are rare indeed. When I first started working with affiliates in the 90’s, multi-tier affiliate programs were the guaranteed way to sign super-affiliates and launch the program instantly. They inspired publishers to work hard and quickly to bring others into the program as part of their downline. There was always a race when the program was first launched, and people continued to promote these multi-tier affiliate programs before single-tier programs. It was a brilliant concept, if a bit of an administrative headache. That’s why many merchants now go through networks like Share-a-Sale for both single level and two-tier affiliate programs.

In this decade, Canadian website publishers value two-tier affiliate programs because they’re a rare income opportunity. The few that are out there may not be open to us or do not ship their products to Canada. Therefore, we’ve done the research for you and created this list of two-tier affiliate programs for Canadian marketers. It includes programs in a variety of sectors so everyone can find something suitable for their niche.  We selected merchants that serve Canadians, offer the best rewards, and have a reasonable payment threshold.  We’ll keep the list updated, so please bookmark the page and visit us again.Top Two-Tier Affiliate Programs for Canadians

Two-Tier Affiliate Programs for Canadian Marketers

Please note: The links sometimes lead to the home page of the website, so you may have to look around for the affiliate program link. It’s often located at the bottom of the page.

A2 Hosting – Highly reputable hosting that isn’t owned by the dreaded EIG. Earn $85 per sale and $5 for each sale made by your affiliates.

CreativeLive – Promote online classes taught by experts in photo, video, art, design, audio, craft, money and life. Earn 20% commission on new customer purchases, 10% on return customer purchases and $1/lead for every new member registration. Receive $10 for every affiliate marketer you refer.

Quality Unit – Sell Post Affiliate Pro (affiliate program management software) and Live Agent (customer support software) and receive 30-50% commissions, 5% of recurring sales, 5% of referred affiliate earnings, and a $5 sign-up bonus.

Virtual Sheet Music – The leading source of Classical sheet music downloads, traditional and Jazz sheet music as well MIDI and Mp3 files. Affiliates earn 25% of sales, 25% of sub-affiliate sales, plus $3 when a new affiliate you refer signs up.

PuzzleMaster – Canadian distributor of a large assortment of wire, metal and plastic puzzles, brain teasers, jigsaws, puzzle rings, trick locks, boomerangs, chess sets, etc. Earn 10% of sales and 5% of your second tier sales.

Iyashi Source (Innovative Ionizing Technologies) – Canadian company offering natural Shieldite items that provide a safe and healthy environment which is free of harmful electro-magnetic fields. Five-tier affiliate program for both retail and wholesale purchases. Retail pays 15%/sale plus 4-8% for sub-affiliate sales to tier five. Wholesale pays 10%/sale plus 2-5% to tier five.

My Theme Shop – Premium WordPress themes and plugins recommended by the gurus. Earn 70% of sales and 10% of sales via your referred affiliates.

Hire Writers – Content writing service with insanely low rates. Offers $20 per client you refer who makes a deposit and one cent per lead, as well as 10% of the leads generated by affiliates you refer to their affiliate program.

StudioPress – A premium commercial WordPress theme developer offering professionally designed themes, including the state-of-the-art Genesis Theme Framework, which was independently rated as the best framework available. Pays 35% commissions on the first level and 5% on the sales of affiliates you refer.

Tribulant – Premium WordPress plugins. Earn 30%/sale and 10% of sub-affiliate sales.

Have you found any multi-tier affiliate programs that have been particularly lucrative for your Canadian business? Do you have any affiliate success tips? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Never heard of it before but I’m glad I know now. Talk about passive income! I’m going to try a few 2tier affiliate programs just to see if it works and if it does I’ll sign up for some more. I’m surprised more companies don’t set up their affiliate programs like this because they’d get more signing up right? Need to get the word out!

Marcus Wright

I wish they still had the big format like they used to. You could have masses of affiliates working below you for 5 levels or more. 2 are better than one but man those were the days.

Shelly Bowmanville

Incredible choices for Canadians! I didn’t know there were so many affiliate programs like this left.


I hope this useful list of programs gets this new affiliate marketer off to a roaring start!


This makes me want to start a blog in every niche lol greedy I guess!


I didn’t know how much money I was losing until I signed up for afflink. Now I sell it and all feedback has been positive.


The best listing I’ve found so far, well done. I hope two tier associate programs make a comeback, I made a killing on them back in the day.


I ONLY sign up for 2tier affiliate programs now because they actually make a decent amount of money. You’ve given me 2 more. Thank you


I’m a newb affiliate marketer so I didn’t even know 2 tier affiliate programs existed. I can see why people promote them harder, it’s a great idea. Companies would be smart to set their programs up this way.


I signed up for 5! Ready for the money! lol


I’ll keep checking back for more, thank you very much.


Site Sell is one of my top performers. There’s some programs I haven’t treid yet and I thank you for the suggestions.

Phil in Alberta

They all seem like pretty great affiliate programs. I might be able to find subaffiliates in business forums or maybe I should start another blog!!


Thanks for doing this work, it’s so hard to find good affiliate programs.


I’m just starting out and this list will help tremendously. I’m excited about the possibilities!!