Trending: Creator Middle Class, Educator Creators, Micro-Learning

Terms that may be new to you:

Digital Creators produce and edit online content, which often includes writing, podcasts or videos. The material is most commonly used for websites/blogs, social media and online marketing. Digital creation can be a job, contract, or an online, small business.

Educator Creators usually focus on sharing their knowledge through e-learning (online/digital learning), such as tutorials or courses.

Entertainment Creators earn based on their influence, size of their following, or demonstrated performance.

Trending: Creator Middle Class, Educator Creators & Micro-Learning

The business of influencer marketing and content creation continues to grow, but it has evolved along the way. Most of today’s creators are more interested in building a sustainable online business for themselves than fame and fortune. These online entrepreneurs are sometimes referred to as Educator Creators in the Creator Middle Class.

The Creator Middle Class has emerged as online entrepreneurs show a strong preference for using their platforms for a deeper purpose, as opposed to becoming a million-dollar celebrity influencer. That often comes in the form of online teaching. Entertainment creators produce content anchored in the creator’s performance or influence, while educator creators create content designed to share knowledge or make an impact.

You’ve probably heard the e-learning industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, but did you know more than twice as many people are interested in creators of educational content than entertainment? Sixty percent of people use platforms like YouTube, Instagram or TikTok to learn, according to research from Vancouver’s Thinkific.

The latest trend in the e-learning market is mobile ‘micro-learning’ (from under a minute to less than 10 minutes). Micro-learning has increased in popularity, thanks to sites like TikTok and “shorts” videos on YouTube. Quick lessons are also perfect for today’s fast-paced society to learn on the go, such as listening to a podcast during a commute or catching a video while waiting at the doctor’s office. Mobile learning is expected to almost quadruple in value (up to $155.8 billion) over the next three years.

Creator educators are making good use of the micro-learning trend, because it’s so much faster & easier to produce than long training videos, full courses or ebooks. It’s used for branding, marketing, market research, upselling, and engaging followers.

Educator Creators deliver information as tips, tutorials, recipes, workouts, demonstrations, and so on. The most popular e-learning topics are cooking, fitness and entrepreneurship.

You don’t need a teaching degree (or any degree, for that matter) in order to teach online. Learners can have high expectations, but often aren’t looking for a formal lesson. They prefer to be engaged and even a little entertained. Sixty-five percent of people believe the content and the person teaching it are the most important part of learning, not the educational institution. The most important quality in a teacher for Gen Z is kindness, with academic experience trailing behind.

The Key to Creator Success: Multiple Revenue Streams

Like many successful online businesses, creators rely on diverse revenue strategies to ensure ongoing profitability. This is especially important during tough economic times. The most common products or services used by educator creators are courses, downloads, memberships and coaching. They can also generate revenue from partnerships or affiliates.

Almost half of creators have multiple streams of income:

  • Full-time creators average 2.7 income streams.
  • Part-time creators average 2.1 streams of income.
  • Hobbyists average 1.8 revenue streams.

The demand for online education shows no signs of slowing down. That makes it a good bet for the ‘Creator Middle Class’, such as aspiring small business owners or those seeking a side hustle. It can also drive growth for existing businesses. Stay on trend and diversify revenue sources for the best chance of success.

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