11 Unexpected Ways You Can Make Money From Blogging

When people first start blogging, they usually plan to earn money using standard blog monetization methods. That may include sponsored posts, reviews, advertising and affiliate marketing. We go into that more in our free ultimate guide: How to Make Money Blogging in Canada. Those are all excellent ways to monetize, but there are plenty more opportunities that come from blogging that could improve your financial situation.

For example, Amy Morin’s life took a sharp left turn when her blog post went viral.  Now she’s the author of two books (including a WSJ best seller) and an eCourse, a TEDx speaker, executive consultant, and a well-paid freelance writer.  She makes more in a month than she used to make in a year as a Psychotherapist.

“It was read by millions of people in a matter of days. And then Forbes.com picked it up and it reached more than 10 million more readers,” writes Amy on ProBlogger. “Within a week, national radio shows were talking about my article. Major publications were asking to reprint it. News channels were calling to interview me. And if that weren’t enough, in the midst of the viral superstorm, a literary agent called and suggested I turn my article into a book.”

Unexpected Ways You Can Make Money From Blogging

Book deals or collaboration offers – If you build your blog audience big enough – especially with a strong presence on social and other media – publishers and authors may notice. You can increase your chance of collaborating on a book by hanging out in communities that attract your peers. It’s important to promote yourself as much as your blog by guest posting and appearing in offline media. Watch for opportunities on Help a Reporter Out (HARO).

Speaking engagements – If you have a popular blog, others want to hear about your success in either your niche or blogging itself. Eventually, someone will ask you to speak at their event or you can seek out these opportunities. Some will pay you a considerable amount and cover all expenses. Others pay expenses only but will benefit you with promotion and validation of your expertise.

Info-Products – One day you’ll wake up and realize you have enough content for a book, so why not put it together? Online courses can also generate a sizable income. The majority of bloggers who make the most money online have an info-product of some sort. For more information read our post, How to Develop Your Own Online Coaching Info-Products.

eCommerce – Writing within a niche often generates retail product ideas. Expanding into ecommerce is as easy as adding a plug-in to your blog. It can be challenging to find suppliers in Canada, but you can ease your way into it with Drop Shipping (no inventory or shipping required).

Invention – Blogging taps into our creative side and that can inspire all kinds of ideas. You may dream up the perfect product or helpful software for your niche along the way.

Social Influence – Bloggers are usually big users of social media and that can lead to opportunities that you’ve never dreamed of. The amount of money social influencers make is highly variable, but it commonly ranges between making a living and making a killing. I don’t suggest you rely on any one network or social media in general because you never know when a network could change or disappear. Always have your home base (blog) and your own mailing list.

Blog Flipping – If you build a blog that has awesome content, decent traffic and it generates an income, you might be surprised at how much you can sell it for.

French and Other Language Translation – If you’re bilingual and blog in French (or another language), you could find yourself in high demand. There is a sizable market for the translation of content, eBooks, ecommerce product descriptions, and technical support materials. French is the most popular language translation in North America, especially in Canada, but you can also carve out other language niches for yourself if you’re fluent.

eMail List – The list you build in association with your blog can become an income generation tool itself. Many blog monetization methods can be extended to your email list, including affiliate marketing, sponsor advertising and solo ads, email courses, etc.

Membership Area – Having part of your site under lock and key may sound crazy, but it can generate considerable income if it’s valuable enough. A membership area may include premium content, courses, community discussion forum, product deals, or anything else of value. There are lots of WordPress plugins that make it easy.

Related Job and Freelance Offers – Most businesses understand the benefits of content marketing, but finding someone who is familiar with every business aspect of blogging can be challenging. The best way to find freelancing, design, or consulting candidates is to check them out on their own blog first. You can invite these types of opportunities by having a “hire me” page of some sort, but don’t be surprised if you’re approached even if you aren’t actively seeking jobs. It happens to me on a regular basis, especially on LinkedIn.

Niche Job Offers – If your blog demonstrates your expertise to a point that it impresses someone in a related industry, you’ll receive job offers. You can also use your blog to demonstrate your skills and expertise when you’re actively seeking a job. Virtually every employer “Googles” potential employees or contractors before hiring them. Your blog could be the wow factor that sets you apart.

Starting a blog opens up a whole new world of opportunities to make money online and offline. Being aware of where blogging can take you will keep you motivated and on track towards a better life, no matter what your goals are.


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This blog post on unexpected ways to make money blogging is a valuable resource for anyone looking to monetize their blog. The author provides a thorough overview of various income streams, including some that may not be as well-known or commonly utilized by bloggers.
The post is well-organized and easy to navigate, with clear explanations of each income stream and practical advice on how to implement them. The author’s writing style is engaging and informative, making this post an enjoyable and insightful read.


Seriously everyone should have a blog even if it’s just for therapy or sharing with family. Don’t get too personal or be a Debbie downer but write write write!! You’ll learn so much and it can seriously pay off if you want it to. I started a blog to just share with family & friends because we’re spread all over the world. It’s brought us all closer together. This year I started being contacted by brands out of the blue that want me to do reviews and stuff. I’m not into it yet but I know if I ever want to I can. It’s comforting to have that as back up. Just start!

Amanda Dupont

I’ve been checking into blog flipping. Some people do really well with it and you can outsource the content. Flippa is THE place to go they say. I learned alot from their site. I’ll only be trying it as a side hustle for now. Thanks!


Thanks for the sharing this list. This is really awesome ways to earn from.


I got a fulltime job because of blogging so I can attest to that!

Chris Melchior

Good points. Yes, blogging can get you lots of good things.

Another benefit to blogging on some subjects is that you can get products given to you for free, to review on your blog. You can also sometimes get really useful comments from other people who read your blog and tell you things you hadn’t thought of yourself.