Visa’s Holiday eCommerce survey indicates Canadians will do more of their holiday shopping online in 2013, compared to previous years.  Hardly a seasonal phenomena, Canadians have been shopping online more all year. Visa’s network data revealed that online shopping in Canada exceeded one hundred million dollars on 233 days in the last 12 months.  With Visa processing 48% of all online transactions globally, we can safely assume their data reasonably reflects the popularity of eCommerce.

Statistical Snapshot of 2013 Online Holiday Shopping in Canada2013 Visa Data and Online Holiday Shopping Survey Results

  • 50% of Canadians plan to spend between $100 and $499 online
  • 16% of holiday shoppers will spend over $499 online
  • Canadians plan to spend about 30% of their holiday budget on online purchases
  • Alberta shoppers will spend the most online for holiday gifts, averaging $319
  • British Columbian consumers will spend the least online, averaging $196
  • 78% of Canadian online purchases will be made with a credit card

Visa is currently promoting the use of their Visa Debit Card, which allows Canadian consumers to purchase online using their bank account instead of a credit card or other payment option.  With Canadians shying away from increasing their debt load and focusing on a tight budget, the option to use existing funds online is appealing.  It hasn’t quite caught on yet, however.  Be it due to security concerns or lack of awareness (48%), only 32% of Canadians plan to use their Visa debit card for online shopping.

Comment on Canadians Internet BusinessThere has never been a more opportune time to implement eCommerce or start a web-based business in Canada. Do you have a Canadian eCommerce store?  Please tell us about it in the comments below.

Source: Visa

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Awesome! We’re studying results this year at my work to decide if we want to participate in Black Friday & Cyber Monday next year. This is really helpfull!


Credit card statistics are bcoming a more accurate representation of the market because of online shopping and now there’s the debit card that can be used for online shopping. I like finding the credit card statistics AFTER the holidays so it’s more than guessing though.

Del Porter

Keep the data coming! I waste way too much time trying to find Canadian statistics so I was thrilled to find your site. I’ve used your facts & figures for everything from business plans to articles. Thank you!


I like the credit card data because they have something solid to base it on, like actual spending habits from people that use their card.


Looks like we have a great holiday sales season coming up!

Janet Russel

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