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One of the most important reasons Canadian businesses choose WordPress for their domain blog, is the many choices of quality plugins. Plugins can add a vast array of features to your blog, including those that facilitate monetization and overall business success.

While there are many free WordPress plugins, it’s important to choose the ones you can rely on for updates and long-term availability. Purchasing plugins often guarantees updates and support for as long as you require it. That’s a critical point when you’re using a plugin for crucial functions, such as a shopping cart, affiliate program, or membership site. Otherwise, you risk losing functionality every time you update WordPress.

Following are a few popular plugins that will help you do business and make money with your WordPress blog or website content management system. All are reasonably priced and include a 100% guarantee.

Blog Plugins That Pay for Themselves Many Times Over

Wishlist Member Plugin – Paid membership management system. Powerful, yet easy to use plugin that can turn any WordPress blog into a fully featured membership site. Complete with protected, members-only content, member management, unlimited membership levels, and shopping cart integration. Integrates with: Aweber, MailChimp, Autoresponse Plus, Interspire Email Marketing, and GetResponse, and it includes a generic option that allows for integration with additional auto-responders. Single or multi-site licenses available and free updates for a year.

PushButton SEO Plugin – One of the few WordPress SEO plug-ins we’ve seen that is fully featured and ethical (white hat), yet it’s simple to use each and every search engine optimization technique without annoying visitors. It pulls related keywords, searches, and incoming keywords. Helps to optimize posts and the entire website with scoring, reporting, and a progress meter. Nurture your internal linking structure with SEO target pages, easy internal linking, and link leveraging. PushButton SEO then goes a giant step beyond it’s competitors by adding content creation and curation features, including video, pictures, related blog and news posts, and authority links. Single, multi, and enterprise licensing options. Includes lifetime upgrades.

SEOPressor Plugin – This all-in-one search engine optimization plugin actually updates with Google algorithm changes to ensure compliance and optimal placement.  Features include real-time evaluation and recommendations to improve site content for SEO, over-optimization check, automatic rich snippets, latent semantic indexing analysis, automatic smart-linking, and social search engine optimization.

WordBay Plugin – Bring niche-targeted eBay products into your website or blog post with this easy plugin. Supports the eBay Partner Network, Skimlinks and Viglink.

Tribulant Plugins – Offers a variety of premium WordPress plugins, including a plugin bundle, banner rotator, shopping cart, newsletter, slideshow, FAQ, Lightbox JS, etc. All plugins are guaranteed and purchase includes customer support.


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Such a Useful Plugin thank U for Sharing such a nice Info with us… it’s Nice post

Henry Handler

Plugins are such an economical way to add features and income to wordpress. They’re easy to use and you don’t need an expensive programmer. I’d be lost without htem!

Shawna A

A lot of blogs miss out on the income potential of blogs because they don’t look into the options plugins provide beyond bells and whistles. That goes for any CMS, like WordPress, Drupal and so on. These plugins should get them thinking in the right direction and show them just how lucrative blogging and other web properties can be!


Magnificent job! If I stick with you I may be a star…a rich star even. 😉 😀


Excellent choices without the technical lingo to make it confusing. Great site too.


WOW! So much potential for blog riches, I had no idea (as my bank account proves). LOL


Thank you so much for these plugin suggestions and for this excellent site!


There’s a few I’d like to try. I hope they play well together. 🙂

Janice O

Thanks for mentioning WPMU, they have everything I need and more. When my blogs are ready I’m going to sign up.


I’ve used three blog programs and I’m loving WordPress the most. The options are countless they keep it updated. I can’t wait to take these plugins for a spin all the way to the bank. 😉

John ~ Toronto

I really like the sound of AFflink and I will look into it further after work. Thanks for the list.


Thanks for your plugin recommendations, I’ll check them out.


The ROI is limitless if we use available tools. It’s challenging to choose from the countless plugins available but a good one is worth every penny.


Great plugins! I use some free plugins but I’m always worried they’ll stop working. Guaranteed updates & support would be a dream……when I can afford it.


Thanks for the options, it’s amazing what plugins can turn a simple blog into.


We pay for our most important plug ins which is our shopping cart and a couple of others. The support for them has been exceptional and it’s saved our a*s more than once.


Afflink looks great but I’m worried about the search engines. I gu3ess if all the blogs they mention are using it it must be fine.