DA30+ Canadian Blogs for Blogger Outreach and Guest Posts

Popular blogs with a respectable page rank (PR) or domain authority (DA) are the usual target for public relations (PR) professionals or brands looking for influencers.  While it is no longer a method of increasing link popularity for search engines, a domain rank of three or higher (or page authority of 30 or higher) gives them more bang for their buck and often indicates a higher quality blog that is well established.

Unfortunately, it’s tough to find top Canadian blogs that are willing to accept guest/sponsored posts or otherwise work with marketing and public relations professionals.  It takes an exhaustive amount of time to search for Canadian blogs, then go through their site looking for PR or guest blogging information, and then check the blog’s domain authority. For that reason, we’ve decided to publish a list of DA30+ Canadian-owned (or Canadian-focused) blogs for your marketing convenience.

If you need some direction for working with bloggers, read Reaching Canadian Consumers Through Niche Bloggers.

Submit a Canadian-Owned DA30+ Blog

Help your fellow Canadian marketers, entrepreneurs and bloggers by submitting DA30+ blogs for inclusion in this listing (Check domain authority). If you are a Canadian who owns a DA30+ “PR friendly” blog and/or you accept guest posts, we welcome you to submit your blog for review. You can also submit Canadian-owned blogs that you don’t personally own. Please include a direct link to the PR/guest posting information page, as well as a link to a page that states the blog is based in Canada. Email the information to business{at}canadiansinternet.com. Inclusion is free and there are no paid upgrades or any other paid features available.

This listing will be continuously updated and expanded, so please bookmark the page and visit us often (you may have to “refresh” the page to get the latest updates).  With your help, we hope to have hundreds of Canadian blogs listed here for everyone to utilize.   As the list grows, we’ll take it into directory format with topic categories for easy navigation.

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DA30+ Canadian Blogs for Blogger Outreach

DA30+ Canadian-Owned Blogs

Canadian Family
Thinking Outside the Sandbox (Moms in business blog)
InScribe (Canadian writing and faith blog)
Echos of Laughter (Canadian home and parenting blog)
Dogs Naturally Magazine  (Online and print)
Ottawa Natural Online Magazine
Kol’s Notes  (Dog blog)
Ideally Speaking (Life experiences)
Canadian Progressive  (Activist blog)
The Other Bloke’s Blog  (Business and Internet marketing blog)
Setting for Four (Canadian DIY interior design blog)
Networking in Vancouver
So Much Better with Age (Home blog)
Satori Design (Canadian Decorating blog)
My Bits and Bleeps
Faces by Farah (Beauty, fashion, family & food blog)
Fynes Designs
Eating in Vancouver
The Messy Baker
A Cook Not Mad (Food travel blog)
Sondi Bruner (Holistic eating blog)
The Wanderfull Traveler (Food, wine and travel blog)
Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous
Three Chickens and a Boat (Home and parenting blog)
Veg Coast (Vegan food and culture)
The Baking Beauties
Cooking with Jax
Mom vs The Boys
Nikki King Fitness
My Organized Chaos (Canadian Parenting, home and travel blog)
My 3 Little Kittens (Reviews, giveaways, recipes and coupons)
My Wee View (Life, contests and reviews blog)
City Mom
Mommy Matter
Ottawa Mommy Club
Mmmm is for Mommy
Frugal Mom Eh
Moms & Munchkins
Mommy Kat & Kids
The Maple Leaf Mommy
One Smiley Monkey (Green parenting)
The Knit Wit
How to Survive Life in the Suburbs
Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies
Mommy Miracles
Home to Heather (Canadian home life blog)
It’s Just My Life (Canadian Mommy Blog)
To Love, Honour and Vacuum
The Write Mama (Motherhood and infertility)
Doctor’s Wives Living
Nurse Loves Farmer (Edmonton, Alberta mommy blog)
Make Mommy Go Something Something
The Bewitchin’ Kitchen (Home and fitness)
Tell Another Mom (Mom advocate)
Spokesmama (Cycling, DIY and parenting blog)
Kidsummers (Canadian mom blog)
Celeb Baby Laundry
Spaceships and Laser Beams (Parties for boys and non-girly girls)
Whispered Inspirations (Travel, reviews and home blog)
Journeys of the Zoo (Canadian family life and travel blog)
EnSquaredAired (Life & travel)
Maps Girl (Family life, reviews and giveaways)
Life Over Easy (Canadian life, home and family blog)
Ramone (Men’s lifestyle)
Stretching the One Income Dollar
A Modern Mom’s Life
Tapped Out Travelers
Kenton de Jong (Travel blog)
Art and Home

DA40+  Canadian-Owned Blogs

Canadians’ Internet Business (Online business & marketing from a Canadian perspective)
All Natural Pet Care
SiteProNews  (Tech, social media & search engine news blog)
What’s Your Tech
My Name is Kate (Canadian tech blog)
iPhone Canada
Social Media Slant
ComFree  (Canadian real estate advice blog)
Raincoast Creative Salon (Artist blog)
Oh My! Handmade
Mommy Moment
Simply Stacie (Home, family, lifestyle, recipes)
Attack of the Redneck Mommy
Maple Money (Canadian frugal living blog)
Exploring Kamloops (British Columbia blog)
Active Kids Club
The Flirty Foodie
Life as a Human
Island Nature (Nature places on Vancouver Island)
A Pretty Life  (Home, life and food blog)
Dragonfly Designs (Home, party planning, crafts and recipe blog)
The V3H (Tri-Cities, British Columbia blog)
Grocery Alerts
The Pet Blog Lady
Granpaparazzi (Style for seniors)
Rambling Revovators
Homeschooling Mom 4 Two
Pawsitive Living (Canadian family review and giveaway blog)
Macaroni Kid (Family events and activities)
My Little House of Treasures
The Recipe Rebel
A Canadian Foodie
Turn the Record Over (Music lifestyle and culture blog)
Alternatively Speaking (Alternative lifestyle blog)

DA50+ Canadian-Owned Blogs

Mari Smith  (Social media blog)
FreshGigs.ca (Marketing, communications and creative careers in Canada)
Vancouver Observer
Moving 2 Canada  (Immigrants blog)
Gender Focus  (Feminist blog)
The Green Pages (Canadian environment blog)
Food Bloggers of Canada
Montreal Tech Watch

DA60+ Canadian-Owned Blogs

BetaKit  (Canadian Tech blog)
Techvibes  (Canadian Tech blog)
Rabble (Canadian news, politics and opinion)
Spacing (Canadian urbanism)
The Tyee (British Columbia news features, political commentary, cultural analysis and social observation)

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    • Admin: Melody McKinnon  October 7, 2019

      Please follow the submission procedures as outlined in the post.

      If you are a Canadian who owns a DA30+ “PR friendly” blog and/or you accept guest posts, we welcome you to submit your blog for review. Please include a direct link to the PR/guest posting information page, as well as a link to a page that states the blog is based in Canada. Email the information to business{at}canadiansinternet.com.

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  5. Chad madill  February 22, 2019

    Melody McKinnon, how to know if a blog is really a canada-based blog if it has .com TLD extension?

    • Admin: Melody McKinnon  February 22, 2019

      The blogger usually has their location on their blog somewhere, such as on a “About Us” or “Contact Us” page.

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