Top 5 Drop Shipping Product Suppliers for Canadians

Many Canadians are interested in selling products online, either with their own website or through eBay and Amazon.  Drop shipping provides a low-risk option for starting an online business in Canada.  Today’s supplier portals (gateways) make it really easy to find and sell millions of products globally.   The most difficult part is choosing the best drop shipping suppliers in Canada to deal with, and it’s a question we’re asked on a regular basis.

In the beginning, you’ll probably find it easiest to deal with large drop shipping services that list products from hundreds of major players.  You may need to set up a website before they’ll work with you, but some of the below options also have that covered for you.  It sure beats dealing with individual merchants and tackling chores manually.  Plus, drop shipping portals often provide information about how to get started and succeed, along with specialized tools to ensure your success.

There isn’t always a huge selection of drop-shippers that are in Canada, but most suppliers that are based outside of this country will still accept Canadian drop shippers and you can ship to Canada from where they’re located.  You can sell to customers all over the world without headaches like Customs, regulations, or shipping delays!

We’ve evaluated countless drop shipping and wholesale suppliers over the years.  The most important thing we’ve learned is which drop shipping companies not to deal with.  The knowledge and insight we’ve gained from our own experience and feedback from our readers, has also allowed us to identify the best drop shipping suppliers for Canadians.  These gateway companies welcome sellers in this country and do their best to understand our unique challenges.

For more information about drop shipping in Canada (and a list of Canadian-friendly companies), check out our post, Drop Shipping / Wholesale for Canadian Sellers. Additionally, Our Checklist: How to Start a Drop Shipping Ecommerce Business in Canada guides you step-by-step, as you explore this method of order fulfillment. 

The best drop shipping companies for Canadians are:

Wholesale2B – Wholesale2B has everything you need and is very easy to use. They have several plans that facilitate the sale of over 1.5 million products on eBay, Amazon, Google, apps on popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, or through a website (your own or via a turnkey site). Wholesale2B guarantees the lowest drop ship prices.  They ship to most of the World, including Canada, the US and the UK. Take them for a test drive with the free trial.

AliDropship – Offers two affordable and versatile WordPress solutions. Both include over 100,000 suppliers offering free worldwide shipping to your customers, along with two combined revenue streams (product sales profit and affiliate commissions on those sales).

Concerns about shipping delays from Asia may soon be a thing of the past, as marketplaces like Alibaba open eCommerce processing centres in Canada.  Now is the time to position yourself as a Canadian source of these  low-priced goods.

You can either buy the plugin and do it yourself (standalone or integrated with WooCommerce), or pay a one-time fee to have it all set up for you.

  1. The plugin is the best in the business, featuring store themes, search and one-click product import, auto-updates from suppliers, auto pricing, auto order placement, and a control panel for tracking and reporting.
  2. AliDropship also offers three dropship store packages, featuring their WP plugin, custom design, deep niche research, product setup, payment gateways, free domain name, and more.  In the marketing department, they provide integrated marketing tools, SEO, branded social media pages, social media promotion tool, and a promo video.

Their client ratings on various platforms are very impressive, in the range of 4.5-5 out of 5 on Facebook, Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

World Wide Brands – Lifetime access (no recurring membership charges) to upwards of 10,000 verified/certified wholesale companies and drop shippers offering millions of products. They have an industry-leading qualification process that ensures your business is connected to wholesalers with REAL factory-direct wholesale prices. The same certification process protects you from wholesale scams, fake suppliers and middlemen. They also provide a “bulk” section if you decide you’d like to try selling direct with your own inventory. The companies listed on World Wide Brands cannot charge set-up fees and must be manufacture-authorized wholesalers to ensure warranties will be honoured. New wholesalers are added every week.

World Wide Brands members have access to dozens of drop shipping training videos, market research (instant product analysis), and a discussion forum. They were recently ranked as a Top 50 Business Opportunity by Home Business Magazine. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives World Wide Brands an A+.

SaleHoo Canada – Thousands of verified drop shippers and wholesale suppliers, along with direct shipping manufacturers. You have the option of using their web store to start selling instantly. They also have a community for anyone who sells online. You’ll find the free trial reassuring as you research almost 2 million products.

Inventory Source – Gain free access to this full-featured directory of wholesale drop shippers. They offer tools for automating eCommerce processes for sellers and online merchants, including dropship inventory automation from over 75 wholesale distributors. Additional services include logo/graphics design, custom website templates, and service packages. They are BBB members in good standing.

??? Are you new to drop shipping in Canada or are you an old hand? Please share your questions or experience in the comments below.

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74 Responses to "Top 5 Drop Shipping Product Suppliers for Canadians"

  1. Josey  October 29, 2019

    Is there a way to pick your own dropshippers but still use automatic inventory? I’d rather pick my own local supplers but trying to manually control inventory would be a nightmare!

  2. Cynthia Murphy  September 9, 2019

    Yes, but do any of them allow you to view the type of merchandise they have before committing?

  3. Sheldon  August 29, 2019

    I wonder why more Canadian shops aren’t doing a dropshipping program? Maybe they don’t know about it. Most of them just stare blankly when I ask about it or the email version of staring blankly anyway. 😀 It’d be a good idea for someone looking for a coaching niche!

  4. Saya  March 27, 2019

    Arsalan Alvi
    February 5, 2019
    Hi. It is indeed nicely written and has helped me to take the initiative. But I am unable to find anything with regards to taxes in Canada. If I sell on using wholesale2B, do I need to charge any GST to respectively pay the same here in Ontario? Any help would be great.

    A. Yes you do charge taxes when you sell to Ontario or Canada Customer. If you are not registered business for GST purpose you can sell without charging Taxes, however in commercial purpose you do need to collect tax.
    2. Wholesale2B, I tried paid version for a month, they have very little Canadian supplier, mostly USA supplier who do ship to Canada, price and shipping cost are higher then profit margin. it worthy if you want to build your customer online store, shopify, ebay etc, However some supplier products image are not compliant with eBay listing so you listing will be in violation or either RED highlighted until you correct them which takes lot of times.

    Wholesale2B offer great platform connection such as woocommerce apps, amazon, shopify I havent tried. I tried their eBay apps, it great to post products push to ebay but still need a lot of work and technical skills.

    I am still in pursuit to try inventory source they had great technical platform, and supplier of Canadian distributor as well USA distributor. Zero fees for previewing supplier and items. 50$ a month for basic apps using one supplier of your choice. They also have great attribution of products . I will input my feedback after I tried them out soon! If anyone tried Inventory source for woocommerce or ebay please also share your feedback.

    Have a good day

  5. Arsalan Alvi  February 5, 2019

    Hi. It is indeed nicely written and has helped me to take the initiative. But I am unable to find anything with regards to taxes in Canada. If I sell on using wholesale2B, do I need to charge any GST to respectively pay the same here in Ontario? Any help would be great.

    • Admin: Melody McKinnon  February 5, 2019

      Taxes are constantly changing so we are unable to provide advice about it. To ensure you’re in full compliance, it’s best to check with an accountant who has expertise in multi-country transactions, such as the cloud accountants at GrantThorton. For sales tax, you may find it easier to work with a platform like Shopify and one of their dropshipping apps so it’s automatically calculated. Amazon also looks after sales tax so you could contact them for clarification.

  6. Jim  December 10, 2018

    Great list Melody. Thanks

  7. folarin mabawonku  September 13, 2018

    Can i use the website hosted for me on whoesale2B to also work with worldwide brand? hope it wont be a conflict of interest?

    • Admin: Melody McKinnon  September 14, 2018

      Check with Wholesale2B for info about their terms & conditions regarding suppliers. For complete control over multiple suppliers it’s usually best to go with an eCommerce platform like Shopify.

  8. Bill  September 9, 2018

    Great information , thanks for sharing it. I want to start dropshipping and I am researching niches etc. I want to work with Canadian and US suppliers to have a better chance of avoiding: long shipping times, possible counterfeits and border problems. The prices might be higher but the headaches less. Do you agree with that? Do you have any “step by step” training? There is a ton of info on the Internet, too much.

  9. Paulina Kolodziej  July 2, 2018

    Hi Everyone! love the information provided. Just a quick questions, I am opening a shopify store and want to use Aliexpress as a supplier but the shipping to Canada and US is over 1 month long,, which is not appealing to customers. Does anyone know any suppliers that are free to use and have faster shipping? thanks alot!

  10. Nikki  February 21, 2018

    Very concise and curated list, it definitely seems like you’ve done your research! I see you’ve recommended drop shipping directories, like World Wide Brands, do you have more success with finding suppliers via a directory rather than just going straight to the source? As I’ve been reading around the topic of dropshipping, a few sites have mentioned sourcing dropshipping products straight from the manufacturer as it cuts down on costs and allows for larger profit margins. What are your thoughts, or would you still rather stick to sourcing suppliers via a directory?

  11. our companys name abhispharma speclities india we want to start drop shipment from india can u advice us a way forward we are having all branded medicnes of mnc pharma companies and also products of indian branded company pls advice us if anybody above intrested our email id is as mentioned below

  12. Lyle Prozi  January 2, 2018

    i used wholesale 2b for a couple of years to get started then i got storage containers and bought wholesale inventory. drop shipping was how i got started because I didn’t have investment $$. I made money from drop shipping and started investing it to my own inventory until i didn’t need them anymore. but i still use drop shipping sometimes if i don’t want to store it here. it’s a good way to make a living and i’ll never have to work for someone else again.

    • Bill  September 9, 2018

      Hello. Do you purchase your products in Canada or the US

  13. Sherry Bennett  December 20, 2017

    Hi All,
    I am new to this concept of drop shipping! Where do I start?? I am getting close to retirement and want to continue keeping busy and keeping the old mind sharp! I want to be able to travel and work as well. Any advice you have to offer would be greatly appreciated!

    • Admin: Melody McKinnon  December 20, 2017

      Hi Sherry, you’ll find a lot of details HERE to get you started.

    • Marianne Hay  June 18, 2018

      Hello Sherry, I am new to drop shipping and see that you have a 6 month head start. I am in the same boat as you, wanting to retire but still make money and travel. Did you see this through and would you be willing to pass on any tips or information? TIA!

  14. larry binns  November 4, 2017

    I have a unique product ready for market to retail stores. would love to make the product available to drop shippers. Where would I start to find them. They will sell, we will ship.

    • Admin: Melody McKinnon  November 4, 2017

      Start with a page on your website and promote it as you would for any other page. You can also look for drop shipper directories to list your company in. It’s similar to finding affiliates for a partner program so you may get some ideas from researching that. Good luck!

      • larry binns  November 4, 2017

        tks M

    • ashsmh  December 12, 2017

      Hi Larry, I have recently started dropshipping. I have an online store on Shopify. I am from Ontario. I would like to look at your product. Can you please contact me? Thanks.

      • calgarykg  January 23, 2018

        Hi there! I’m wondering what your experiences have been like with dropshipping from Shopify. I’m interested in getting started but am worried about delays in shipping times. I’ve had a lot of problems with merchandise being delayed when ordering from Aliexpress and other Chinese retailers myself, so am curious what your experience has been. Thank you!

        • Admin: Melody McKinnon  January 23, 2018

          You don’t drop ship FROM Shopify, you drop VIA Shopify. They facilitate drop shipping but who you deal with is up to you. Shopify itself is an eCommerce platform where you can drop ship and/or sell your own products.

          If you decide to use overseas suppliers it’s a good idea to alert customers that there may be a delay, import fees, etc. Discuss it with your supplier and then relay the information to your customers in order to maintain a good relationship with them.

    • Cathy  December 17, 2017

      Hello I would be interested in speaking with you regarding your product.

    • Christian  December 31, 2017

      I will market your product! Just getting started with online stores and I need quality products!

  15. asking  September 11, 2017


    I have read both good and bad things about some of the dropshippers, you list here. Two that I was very interested in. What is your experience with those that you listed. Did you work with them?

    • Admin: Melody McKinnon  September 11, 2017

      We have worked with all of the networks listed here. They’re not actually drop shippers, they’re gateways to drop shippers. Each one is different. Consequently, one may work better for some than others. We’ve had a few negative experiences with similar networks/directories and therefore we don’t recommend those. Some are mentioned in Drop Shipping / Wholesale for Canadian Sellers.

  16. roger  September 9, 2017

    Wow thank you Melody for this post!
    Could you please help: I am wondering if the drop shipping company based in USA can ship to my canadian buyer without custom fees?

    • Admin: Melody McKinnon  September 9, 2017

      Some may include it in the price, but otherwise Customs fees and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient. You can discuss it with individual drop shippers to see if you can come to some sort of arrangement.

  17. Sarbjit Gosal  August 25, 2017

    Thanks for this info. This is much needed for Canadian drop shippers. Are suppliers/manufacturers willing to easily provide you with their catalogue of goods available and is that as simple as making contact with them and asking for it? Do many of them have websites to view their products? Thanks!

    • Admin: Melody McKinnon  August 25, 2017

      Some of them have drop shipping programs in place or may consider it if you explain it to them. It’s usually easier to start with companies that are already drop shipping like the ones mentioned in the article. You’ll find more information in this post.

  18. hope711  August 12, 2017

    Hi, wanted to start dropshipping… just wondering if i have to register the business cause i have no guaranty that I’ll make money? I’m leaving Ottawa. what is the best site to do so: shopify, woocomerce, ecwid….
    thank you

  19. Maria  July 17, 2017

    I live in Calgary Alberta. I want to start drop shipping but I have an concern. I pay my taxes in Canada. What should I put on an Application Form for TAX PURPOSES if asked by an American Supplier to give them my TAX Number. Thank you. AMP

  20. Robin East  June 25, 2017

    I’m very excited and anxious to start drop shipping, but feel really overwhelmed and unsure where to start. I’d love to see a few sample letters or templates used to initiate contact with these companies to inquire about whether they facilitate drop shipping ……, their condition’s, fees, requirements and anything else I should include in my first letter or e-mail to potential wholesalers.
    Thank you so much for your help!

    • Admin: Melody McKinnon  June 26, 2017

      The above networks all facilitate contact in one way or another so they’re the best place to start for beginners. Otherwise, I usually start by introducing myself and simply ask if the company does drop shipping. They either haven’t a clue what I’m talking about or they already have a system in place. If they have a system they’ll provide all of the information to you.

  21. Tamara  June 2, 2017

    Congratulations for this helpful website. I have a question regarding customs and shipping fees. Do the dropshipping companies mentioned above deal with customs directly? do they give you the price for the products including customs fees as well as shipping costs?

    • Admin: Melody McKinnon  June 3, 2017

      They all work differently so it’s best to contact the companies directly with your questions.

  22. Donna  June 1, 2017

    I am really interested in getting into drop shipping in Canada but I’m feeling a little intimidated about just how and where to start. I don’t have my own website. Can anyone tell me where I can get some step-by-step training for setting up and getting going? Any help would be much appreciated!!

  23. Glenn  April 22, 2017

    How do I add products that I manufacture to a drop shipping company?

    • Admin: Melody McKinnon  April 23, 2017

      They all work differently so you’d have to contact each one to find out what is required. You can also look for distributors that have drop shipping options.

  24. Amelie Blasier  December 15, 2016

    I’m new to drop shipping and trying to navigate the business structure, taxes and all that. I LOVE the concept! I found out about it from my aunt who dropships on ebay to help make ends meet now that she’s retired. I’m proud of her for doing something online at her age! She makes enough to pay most of her bills so she can use her pension to travel. It’s an easy thing to do on the road. I’d can’t wait until I join her!

  25. Joyce  November 9, 2016

    Thank you so much for all the information shared on this group.

  26. roger  November 7, 2016

    Thank you for the info!!!!This is very helpful!.

  27. Catarina Blake  October 21, 2016

    I love that you included sites that have different things to offer. I like World Wide Brands for building my database of tried & true dropshippers and potential products. They verify all companies they list and I can use their tools to evaluate products right there. They blow salehoo out of the water IMO. I started with Wholesale2b because it’s easy to use and I want to get into selling on a website instead of just ebay. Inventory source was more than I needed so I haven’t used that one and can’t say if it’s good or not. You didn’t recommend doba but I want to add that there’s bad reviews for them on ebay so newbies should Google them before joining. Hope that helps!

    • Admin: Melody McKinnon  October 22, 2016

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Catarina. Doba didn’t make the cut because their prices are too high and they’re not particularly Canadian-friendly. There are dozens of similar drop shipping companies that we don’t promote in an effort to help narrow down the choices to the best companies for Canadians.

  28. Maria Claudia Vasquez  October 19, 2016

    Hello I am thinking in working in this kind of business. But I want to know something.

    The Supplier tells you at what price should I sell the product to the client?

    Thanks for your help

    M. V

    • Admin: Melody McKinnon  October 19, 2016

      You set the price you want to sell the item for. The only exception would be if the manufacturer set a fixed minimum price (usually referred to as “Minimum Advertised Price” or MAP), but that doesn’t happen often.

  29. Yeabsira Kebede  September 10, 2016

    I am from Ethiopia and I am interested in selling on ebay to customers in Canada. I am considering dropshipping but I hear most suppliers may need a tax ID to do business with me. I also want to know if suppliers might have a problem with me not being in Canada? What are my oprions? Please advise.

    • Admin: Melody McKinnon  September 10, 2016

      Each supplier is different so it’s best to contact a few and ask them directly. It isn’t unusual for people to sell in another country so I’m sure you can work it out.

  30. Deb T  August 10, 2016

    Wholesale in Canada try – they have everything and are in Saskatchewan

  31. Sam  August 4, 2016

    Wow thank you Melody for this post!
    Could you please help: I am wondering if the drop shipping company based in USA can ship to my canadian buyer without custom fees?
    Let say that I use shopify to drop ship.
    Thx a lot

    • Admin: Melody McKinnon  August 4, 2016

      The drop shipping company doesn’t control border fees or taxes. However, they may have a warehouse in Canada even if they’re located in the US. You’d have to contact whichever company you’re interested in working with.

  32. Sam  August 4, 2016

    we have started drop shipping and so far is good. We can also do drop shipping for others now.

    We sell unique gifts online.

  33. Barry George  July 29, 2016

    I like Worldwide Brands because it set me up for either drop-shipping or wholesale purchasing. I do both now on eBay!

  34. noidiots  July 9, 2016

    Do you have to sell wholesale to use these suppliers? Or can you just sell singular items through these sources?

    • Melody McKinnon  July 9, 2016

      They all accommodate individual sales and usually bulk wholesale for those who want it as well. They all work differently but the basis of drop shipping is to allow you to sell individual items and have them shipped directly to your customer. For more information about the drop shipping process, please read Drop Shipping / Wholesale for Canadian Sellers.

  35. David Cairns  March 11, 2016

    Is it possible to use multiple directories simultaneously, since a brick and mortar store would use multiple suppliers to get a broad selection of products, or would world wide brands require your online store to use only their directory? Would you be able to use multiple directories even if your online store and websites were set up initially with the help of worldwide brànds or wholesale2B?

    • Admin - Melody McKinnon  March 11, 2016

      For the most flexibility in using multiple sources, you can use an eCommerce platform that facilitates drop shipping. We have a list of those here:
      Then you can use as many suppliers as you wish.

      All of the individual drop shipping networks work differently, so you’d have to check with each one to see if they meet your needs. For example, Wholesale2B has a turnkey website option that is fed by their directory of suppliers (over 1.5 million products). World Wide Brands is more of a gateway to a large number of verified drop shippers, which you can access through one wholesale account provided by World Wide Brands for a one-time fee. Where and how you do business doesn’t matter to them.

      They all have free trials so you can take them for a test drive to make sure they suit your needs.

  36. John Anderson  February 28, 2016

    Rock on! You are a guru.
    Beginners don’t know how to find a supplier for eBay, and don’t know which products they should sell online.

  37. Harlan  February 12, 2015

    I didn’t know so many collectives existed and its going to help so much!!! Thanks a ton!!!

  38. Steff  February 6, 2015

    honestly I wouldn’t have chosen any differently. I do work with some small businesses too and it’s morelabour but worth it to sell something different or even exclusive. Like one is an artist and you don’t get much more original than that. 🙂

  39. Jeremy Hachey  February 4, 2015

    I’m just short of 3 years into drop shipping on ebay. I also work full time and the 500+ I make with parttime drop shipping goes towards my retirement. I want to go full time drop shipping when I retire but you never know if you’re health will hold out. Thanks for the resources.

    • shellishellzShellz  May 3, 2017

      May I ask how you managed to build your client base quickly to stay profitable?
      From a beginner starting from scratch wanting to see income sooner than later

  40. Darren27  February 3, 2015

    It’s SO MUCH easier to deal with the big directories with their features and selection. I tried using a handful of individual businesses & the administration was a NIGHTMARE! Do yourself a favour and go with people who specialize in helping dropshippers and businesses work together.


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