Canadian Growth of B2C and B2B Online Shopping Continues (Statistics)

Canadian small businesses have struggled to keep up with eCommerce and multi-channel customer management. In fact, a 2015 Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) report found that 40% of Canadian small businesses didn’t have a website at all. Meanwhile, consumers in this country have fully embraced online shopping and product research. The majority of them also prefer shopping within Canada when they have a choice. Canadian online shoppers are making more purchases and the variety of purchasing categories is growing too. Clearly, many companies are leaving a serious amount of money on the cyber table.

What do Canadians Shop for Online?

42% of Canadians buy clothing online
40% purchase travel-related services
34% shop for books online
33% buy entertainment tickets through a website
32% of Canadian shoppers purchase electronics on the Internet
29% use eCommerce to buy household goods
26% pay online for government services
24% of Canadians shop for applications or games for their mobile device
23% of online shoppers in this country buy music
22% pay for movies, videos or TV online

Canadian Growth of B2C and B2B Online Shopping Continues (Statistics)

What do Canadian Small Businesses Purchase Online?

61% of Canadian small businesses purchase travel-related services
50% buy clothing online
45% purchase electronics on the Internet
45% buy entertainment tickets through a website
39% of Canadian small businesses shop for books online
34% use eCommerce to purchase office supplies

Canadian Growth of B2C and B2B Online Shopping Continues (Data)

Canadian Consumers Want to “Shop Canada” Online

There has never been a better environment for online expansion in Canada, with 62% of those surveyed stating their preference for shopping at Canadian online stores.

44% of shoppers want to support the Canadian economy by keeping their money here.
19% want to save money on shipping.
17% say the low loonie makes cross-border shopping less attractive.
16% of Canadian online consumers don’t like being hit with a duty and/or tax bill.

So What are you Waiting For?

Following are some resources to help you take full advantage of all the Internet has to offer:

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There are numerous free and reasonably-priced courses available to help you learn online business and related subjects, such as online marketing.

Comment on Canadians Internet BusinessWhat is holding you back from taking your business online or expanding into multi-channel customer management? Please share your questions and concerns in the comments below.

Source: Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) 2016 Internet Factbook: The State of eCommerce in Canada


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Darren Chase

It’s funny how small biz buying is so much like personal buying. Surprised so many businesses buy books too. I’m such a numbers nerd LOL I enjoy stats. Maybe i should change careers.

Sylvia Ross

It’s just a normal part of shoppping, even if you’re just doing research. I’d LOVE to buy more in Canada and I always check Canadian stores first but they’re just not there most of the time. I hope that changes soon!

Deb B

I love how Canadians are becoming aware of just how much they can help the economy by shopping here. The sad loonie doesn’t hurt either.

Heather Stuart

We’re working on a website and hope to be there for Canadians by Summer! Such an exciting time to be in retail!