Canada on the Cutting Edge of Social Media Research

What better place to have a cutting edge social media research lab than in Canada?  Statistics indicate Canadians love social media, and now it’s possible for students and other researchers to peer further into  their behaviour at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.

Founded in 2010 by Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd at the School of Information Management, the Social Media Lab upgrade to a state-of-the-art facility was funded by Dalhousie Faculty of Management, the Canada Foundation for Innovation, and the Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Trust. The new lab officially opened in March, 2013.

The scale of social media usage data can interfere with its study, and this facility was built with that in mind. The social media lab is equipped with tools to collect, visualize and analyze data with super-servers and computers, and a 96″ touch video wall that allows for the visualization of massive data for the identification of patterns and trends.  It allows researchers to dig way down into the data for truly useful, specific information.

Social Media Lab - Dalhousie University
Brittany White uses the Social Media Lab’s Magic Wall.
Photo: Nick Pearce, Dalhousie University

The idea is to identify and analyze communications for a better understanding of how people use social media, along with its impact on organizations and society. The study conclusions are applied to the development of deeply analytical tools that can be used to grab and decipher information, allowing for more effective use of social media. Tools currently in development include rDmap (Research Discovery Map), AcademiaMap, and Netlytic.  Current tools on the market do allow for some monitoring and analysis. The goal of the lab is to take data analytics to whole new level.

Peggy Cunningham, Dean and Professor, Faculty of Management says, “The new Social Media Lab at the Faculty of Management is a world-class research facility. Work done here will help businesses, government and not-for-profit organizations understand the context of our social interactions online and how these interactions help shape and influence our society.”

What This Could Mean for Canadian Businesses

Clearly, there is vast potential in social media for Canadian businesses and the research that this lab makes possible is exciting news.  Social media marketers with the ability to access and analyze specific data would have a serious competitive edge.  Businesses in general could use these tools to assist with everything from campaigns, to the improvement of  internal team building.  The possibilities for writers are virtually endless.

Of all the impressive universities in the World, I now find myself daydreaming about an honorary degree from the Dalhousie University School of Information Management in Nova Scotia.  You know you’re a Canadian nerd when…


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There will be some very informed professionals coming out of this university. Progress is inevitable and education needs to stay one step ahead.


SO proud to be Canadian! We’re poised to lead the technology world and the government should be as focused on it as educators are.


Canada has so much potential for technical development if given half a chance. Bravo to the university for nurturing our promising youth techies.

Patricia @ UBC

Wow that’s pretty awesome indeed. It makes me want to transfer there but I don’t think my parents would pay for it 😉

Social Rose

How did I not know about this before? I can’t wait to use it!

Sandra Hines

That magic wall is WAY COOL. I don’t think I’d ever leave that room if I attended that university, it must be fascinating.


Well of course we are! 🙂 I’d love to visit the lab too.